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12 Ways To Rock Shirts Under Dresses This Fall

We’ve seen trendsetters rocking shirts under their dresses for Fashion Week around the world all year long, and now we want in! The trend might be the antithesis of sexy for some, but it’s a nostalgic and elegant yet edgy throwback to the ‘90s that we’ve been hungry for. Grunge will always be chic – but making it good enough for the fashion crowd? That’s always a tough one. Luckily, we found 12 mega babes who have perfected the look and can help you perfect yours!

Top 8 Most Stunning Models From The 1950’s

The 1950’s were a great time to be a model. It was a time when being a model meant being a superstar, and that was a first. The 50’s in America were a good time to be alive. The war was over, which meant women all over the country finally wanted to dress up, go out and be seen. And who did they look up to for fashion inspiration? The models, obviously. So let’s talk about the top 8 models from the 1950’s.

Iconic Black Models Who Changed The Fashion Industry

Being a supermodel doesn’t sound like an easy job, but being a black supermodel is a particularly daunting task. Even those two words together weren’t a reality just a few decades ago…but luckily, the stunning, chocolate women on this list changed that. Some of these ladies are pioneers and broke through the industry in a prejudiced era, while others are younger and use those queens as inspiration in their own lives as models of color.

Legs of New York

When it comes to fashion there’s no one set rule for anything. There’s always a myriad of styles and approaches, but photographer Stacey Baker definitely wins in terms of originality. Back in 2013 she decided that it would be interesting to take pictures of women’s legs. And not just any legs, but those that really grab your attention.

Move Over Flower Crowns, Mermaid Crowns Are Taking Over

When you saw mermaid hair, did you swoon and experience immediately jealousy? Well, my nautical princesses, there’s a new trend on deck, and it might even trump the multi-hued hair trend. Mermaid crowns are a modern take on a tiara, and the organic evolution of the flower crown.

21 Lovely Petite Dresses For Petite Women

If you’re a petite woman, you know the struggles of trying to find a dress that will fit you perfectly. Decent petite dresses aren’t the easiest things to find and there’s a lot of work that goes into finding a truly flattering one. To make your life a little easier, we’ve compiled a couple of petite dresses that look awesome on petite women.

20 Pairs Of Sunglasses That Will Make You Look Cool This Summer

Summer has started which means it’s time to get a new pair of stylish sunglasses, or perhaps a couple of pairs. It’s always good to have a backup pair, or you know, just to have sunglasses for every day of the week, and for every occasion. Sunglasses will not only protect your eyes from the harmful sun, but will also add an element of coolness to your style.

Prada Bags Forever: 22 Celebs Who Love Prada

Prada bags and purses are known for their timeless structure and rich leather. These handbags have become a must have for celebs and anyone who’s interested in fashion. While not all of us can afford a prada bag, we sure can look at them longingly and see which celebs prefer which prada bags.