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The Best Looks Of Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn is not only a talented and world-famous actress but also a style icon. This lady can pull off any look, be it a big and glamorous dress, a chic little black dress or a simple top and cigarette trousers. And whatever she wears instantly looks chic. Is it because she’s got impeccable style?

What You Need To Know About Changing Luxury Consumer

Luxury is thriving as much as it ever has, but what’s changed in 2020 is the luxury consumer and the way they think and buy. Especially millennials and Generation Z. For this reason, luxury brands are taking decades-old formulas and putting them to the test with new and disruptive ideas that are sure to take high fashion by storm.

Bohemian Summer: How to Wear the Boho Trend Right

If you like the bohemian esthetic, but aren’t quite sure how to pull it off, and want to look like a chic 2020 boho girl, and not like an 80s hippie – here are a couple of tips on what’s in trend and how to wear it right.

10 Cute Fashion Trends to Try This Summer

Popular styles are always a mix of everything – fashion runway trends, clothing people actually like wearing in real life, as well as things that get popularized by Instagram and YouTube influencers.

10 Best Red Carpet Looks of Blake Lively

Red carpet looks are a high-pressure moment for celebrities. It defines their style and determines their ranking on the “hot or not” list in magazines every time. One star who always nails her red carpet looks is the radiant Blake Lively. She’s our style inspiration, our Princess Di role model on being kind, and our teacher on how to really work those angles and find your light.

Jacquemus Grandma in the Look Book for his New Collection

With quarantine going on, many photoshoots are on hold. So Jacquemus decided to employ his own family members as the models for his latest designs instead. This time around, the star of the Summer 2020 look-book is a little bit different than your standard model. Spoiler alert: it’s his grandma.

10 Stylish Women in History You Didn’t Know About

We often hear about gals like Audrey Hepburn or Princess Di being historical female fashion icons, but there’s an army of women who made strides in fashion years before. These fearless women in history paved the way for us and our predecessors with their revolutionary actions, and memorable sense of style.

6 Male Celebs With The Most Unique Style

With the pressure that comes with being in the spotlight as a Hollywood star, these male celebs are proof that with the right fashion sense, charm and appeal, pressure definitely creates diamonds. As trendsetters for Hollywood and fans alike, these men are breaking rules and pushing the envelope of what is considered fashion forward and stylish menswear.

19 Photos of Celebs and Fashion Influencers Wearing Face Masks

Who knew a global pandemic would influence fashion choices of people? These days, when the pandemic is in full swing it’s less about fashion and way more about staying safe and not spreading the virus. So let’s take a look at some Hollywood celebs, famous people and influencers wearing facemasks.

Celebs vs Katie Sturino – Style Inspo for Days

It’s still difficult to find the plus size versions of regular sized looks, especially in terms of celeb inspiration. We’re in desperate need of a plus size blogger who knows how to recreate those stars’ looks, and even tailor them to bigger gals. Luckily, the world gifted us with Katie Sturino.