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9 Things All Girls Love to See Men Wear

First impressions are very important when it comes to attracting a potential partner, and the way a man presents himself physically can set the tone for a great match or a major flop.

11 Fashion Trends That Aren’t Worth Your Money

These fashion trends aren’t so much trends as they are fads. These looks might get you a few likes on Instagram and be taking over headlines for a short amount of time, but after their appeal dwindles, you’ll be left with an outdated look that won’t last through

7 Gorgeous Movies That Won an Oscar for Best Costume Design

Movies that win Oscars for costume design usually have a very specific style, and while sometimes Oscars are given for making the most realistic and historically-correct costumes for the time period, other times the costumes have absolutely no base in history and deserve an Oscar based on attention to detail and creativity that went into the costume design as part of world-building of the movie.

14 Chic Ways To Carry Around A Coloured Bag

Your handbag doesn’t have to necessarily match your outfit – if you’re walking around with a colourful handbag, you have endless options when it comes to styling. Here are our favorite suggestions.