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6 Male Celebs With The Most Unique Style

With the pressure that comes with being in the spotlight as a Hollywood star, these male celebs are proof that with the right fashion sense, charm and appeal, pressure definitely creates diamonds. As trendsetters for Hollywood and fans alike, these men are breaking rules and pushing the envelope of what is considered fashion forward and stylish menswear.

19 Photos of Celebs and Fashion Influencers Wearing Face Masks

Who knew a global pandemic would influence fashion choices of people? These days, when the pandemic is in full swing it’s less about fashion and way more about staying safe and not spreading the virus. So let’s take a look at some Hollywood celebs, famous people and influencers wearing facemasks.

Celebs vs Katie Sturino – Style Inspo for Days

It’s still difficult to find the plus size versions of regular sized looks, especially in terms of celeb inspiration. We’re in desperate need of a plus size blogger who knows how to recreate those stars’ looks, and even tailor them to bigger gals. Luckily, the world gifted us with Katie Sturino.

8 Spring Fashion Trends For 2020

Fashion in 2020 is not like any fashion we’ve seen before, there are no strict rules, no clothing item is a must-have. It’s all about having a choice in what looks good and makes you feel good.

How The Novel Coronavirus Has Impacted the Fashion Industry

It seems like the novel coronavirus has nothing to do with the fashion industry until you remember that hey, Fashion Week is a big gathering of people. While the Milan Fashion Week wasn’t cancelled, Armani’s show happened in an empty theater. Is this the first bell? Is this how other fashion weeks will go on this year? Or will it all be cancelled?

Proof that Zendaya Looks More Fashionable Than Any Model

Zendaya can pull off any look she wants to. That girl slays fashion and red carpets like it’s nothing. She can wear a look from the runway and make it look like the most casual and natural thing in the world. We’ll never understand how she does it. But here’s proof that Zendaya looks more fashionable than any model.

The Tough Truth About Plus-Size Models In The Biz

We all know that beauty standards of the fashion world are changing as we speak, becoming more and more realistic, still it’s a challenging environment for normal-sized and bigger women. Here are a few tough truths no one told you about being a plus-size model in the biz.

10 Most Expensive Oscar Dresses of all Time

The Academy Awards is an emblem of Hollywood — if you’re there, it’s a sign that you’ve made it, and there’s no going back. Apart from recognizing the talented actors of Hollywood, the Os-cars red carpet is a fashion event where we get to see some of the most stunning dresses of all time. Most of them cost a pretty penny, but these history-making dresses are the most expensive of all time.

7 of the Best Outfits From Euphoria Season One

What many already super fans of Euphoria loved about the series is the fashion. Interesting characters tackling difficult topics all while in daring style is one of the fascinating reasons to watch this show, and look forward for more Euphoria to come. In case you can’t wait until the next season to recap the first, here is a look back at the 7 best outfits from season one of Euphoria.