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10 Of Gwendoline Christie’s Best Red Carpet Looks

Gwendoline Christie brilliantly played Brienne of Tarth in Game of Thrones and all the fans of the show will agree that she was freaking phenomenal. Not only is Gwendoline an incredible actress, but she’s also known to be a fashion queen!

12 Best Zendaya Looks

Even since her Disney days, Zendaya Coleman has been a style icon in her own right. Yes, she does have a model body, but it’s the attitude and outfit choices that have made her a constant “it” girl since she first graced our screens.

Victoria Beckham Wears Her Own Designs

While some designers create collections and fashion pieces purely as art or just for the models to wear, Victoria clearly likes to make pieces that she would want to wear. In fact, she’s often seen wearing her own pieces even styled very similarly to the runway shows. Let’s take a look, shall we?

12 Of Zac Posen’s Most Iconic Dresses

Zac Posen isn’t just king of the runway when it comes to his gorgeous dresses. His designs embody vintage Hollywood glam, and he somehow manages to capture the essence of every woman that he dresses.

5 Best Walking Shoes For Women

Walking is one of the most important activities any person can do. To rip all its benefits you should really invest in a pair of comfy shoes so that you can walk around for hours without feeling pain or causing health issues if you already have feet problems like high arches, extra weight, or wide feet.

Melania Trump’s 6 Most Controversial Fashion Statements

From her many appearances while in the states to her fashion choices while traveling abroad, Melania is thought of as possibly one of the most controversial First Ladies in the history of the United States. For the most controversial fashion statements ever worn by Melania Trump, check out this list of the First Lady’s 6 most talked about fashion choices.

12 Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Best Looks

We all grew up with those cheesy but awesome Olsen Twins movies. These days whenever they’re out together they’re almost always dressed to compliment each other, not identical, not necessarily contrasting, but just coordinated enough to fit together without matching exactly.