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Boho Chic Home Decor That Makes Us Swoon

2020 has been such a headache, and sometimes, all you need to lift that stress is a gorgeously eclectic room full of colors. Boho chic interior design has been a popular theme for years, and we see why. It embodies that playful yet seductive California girl vibe. A girl who can dress up with class, but mostly likes to hang at the beach with no makeup and a maxi dress.

9 Tips How To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Relaxing Haven

Bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. This means your bedroom should be the cosiest place in your home and if you aren’t feeling all relaxed and comfortable just by stepping inside – you need to do some changes right now!

How to Start Knitting And End Up Loving It

Knitting takes time and we’re all too busy doing something outside the house or just watching movies on Netflix. However, most of us still would like to be able to knit a scarf or a hat in their lifetime. Plus, knitting can be very stress-relieving and meditative. You know, perfect for these stressful quarantine times when we have a lot of time to overthink and not much to do.

Dita Von Teese’s Maximalist House

Dita Von Teese’s LA home is a pretty incredible representation of all the things she loves. There’s nothing minimalist about it, in fact Dita calls herself a maximalist and once you see the photos you’ll understand why.

10 Best and Worst Colors for Your Bathroom | Her Beauty

10 Best and Worst Colors for Your Bathroom

You may not immediately realize it, but the color of your bathroom can have a huge impact on the start of your day. The first room you walk into and get prepared for your day, your bathroom can make or break how you feel about the rest of your day’s journey. A great wall color can inspire you to keep your bathroom organized, clean and can spring you into a great mood.

10 Cozy Balcony Ideas

For the best design inspiration to spruce up your patio area, check out these 10 cozy balcony ideas.