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15 Christmas Tree Decorating Trends To Consider

The closer we get to the holiday season the more people start thinking about what kind of Christmas tree do they want and how to decorate it. If you decorate your tree the same way every year, that’s great, but maybe this is the year you’re looking for some new ideas and trends to spice up your Christmas tree. Think about it, the opportunities are endless.

8 Main Trends in Interior Lighting Design for 2019

Design is an important aspect to help you transform a house into a dream home. And one of the most important factors that sets that ambiance is lighting. Here are the most cutting-edge lighting trends that are about to take over the shelves, and your social feeds.

12 Things You Should Be Buying At IKEA

Contrary to popular belief IKEA isn’t just a place where couples go to fight and eat Swedish meatballs. It’s not just a place with cheap flat pack furniture that you then get to assemble like a grown up version of Lego. It’s much more than that. In fact there’s a lot of things that you can get in IKEA that will cheaper than in other stores yet the quality will remain good. So in case you’re looking for quality bargains here’s a list of 12 things you should definitely be buying in IKEA.

10 Best Instagram Accounts to Follow If You Love Flowers

Maybe the weather outside is dreary, maybe wedding season is coming up, or maybe you just need a dose of natural beauty in your day after sitting in an office for the entire day. These Instagrams by florists are completely dedicated to flowers, and are guaranteed to brighten your mood.

9 New Apartment Trends for 2019

Don’t just blindly follow trends, because that way you might as well completely redo your apartment every year. Instead look at the trends and use them as inspiration, pick and choose things you like and forget about things that don’t appeal to you, no matter how trendy they are. Keeping that in mind we created for you this list of new apartment trends for 2019. Get inspired!

10 Of The Best Plants For Apartments

Just because you live in an apartment in the city where size is a factor, you don’t have to turn your house into the concrete jungle. Add some oxygen to your place with these lush plants which require minimal care.

10 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Apartment

Apartment hunting is one of the most stress-inducing activities out there, whether you’re single, married or moving with a large family. But there are some renter priorities that are more important than others, and that you should hone in on.