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The Internet Blames Meghan Markle For The Queen’s Death

The internet will really find any reason possible to blame Meghan Markle for whatever drama is going on in the Royal Family. When the Queen of England passed away on September 8, 2022. Although many people grieved this loss in an appropriate way, a couple of people online found a way to bring it all back to poor Meg. While some of the comments clearly have a humorous tone, others are more sinister.

Top 10 Most Beauty-Obsessed Countries

Have you ever asked yourself: what’s the vainest country in the world? Well, there are a few. We can thank social media and filters for everyone wanting to become their idealized self, and it’s certainly not limited to a few countries.

10 Ways To Make More Time For Yourself

It’s easy to get overwhelmed, between work and other responsibilities in your life. If you feel close to burnout, it’s a sign that you need to lighten that mental light and make more time for yourself. Don’t worry — the entire world won’t fall apart. Downtime can help improve you plan for your future, relax, and become mentally stronger.