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7 Things the Moon Affects in Your Life

Humanity has been gazing at the moon for as long as we can remember ourselves. It gave light in the sheer darkness of the night and created special cycles that influenced people socially and psychologically. Today we may not follow those special cycles of the moon, but that doesn’t mean it lost its power to influence our mood and behaviour.

12 Important Things You Should Know About Running

Gyms all around the world have been closed the entire summer, removing all of our hopes for a 2020 bikini body. Quarantine might be frustrating for some of us, but it’s also helping people explore their outdoor fitness possibilities more. Whether you run in your home on a treadmill, or have a scenic route that you frequent, here’s all the do’s and don’ts you need to know for a successful run.

12 Awesome Hotel Hacks You Need to Know

Travel hasn’t been possible for many during Covid-19, but as cities start opening up all over, life is being breathed back into the hotels that have looked like ghost towns for the past few months. Traveling can be stressful and expensive, but here are our top vetted hotel hacks to make your stay as wrinkle-free as possible.

Workouts According to Your Zodiac Sign

Finding the right type of workout or sport generally depends on your personality, especially if you’re trying to find something you’ll stick with and not quit in a week or so. How about picking a workout based on your Zodiac sign?

12 Simple Ways to Show Love for Yourself

It’s not always easy to love yourself. Especially when the world around you seems to be falling to shambles, and just turning on the news stresses you out. But showing love to our fellow friends is so easy, so why can’t we show ourselves that same support and respect?