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Workouts According to Your Zodiac Sign

Finding the right type of workout or sport generally depends on your personality, especially if you’re trying to find something you’ll stick with and not quit in a week or so. How about picking a workout based on your Zodiac sign?

12 Simple Ways to Show Love for Yourself

It’s not always easy to love yourself. Especially when the world around you seems to be falling to shambles, and just turning on the news stresses you out. But showing love to our fellow friends is so easy, so why can’t we show ourselves that same support and respect?

10 Best Feminist Books Every Woman Must Read

Maybe you have a passion for activism, or perhaps you’re just looking to get empowered. It’s easy to lose confidence in yourself these days, but it feels so good to take control of your womanhood and thrive as the goddess you really are.

9 Best Careers for Romantic Women

Many of us are natural romantics, but it’s not always so easy to convert that into a job. Instead, we sit around at our office jobs, daydreaming about love and all the magic that comes with it. Luckily, romance is built into some jobs, so you can keep that warm and fuzzy feeling going all day long. Here are the ideal career choices for romantic women.

10 Things Movies Always Get Wrong About Pregnancy and Childbirth

People have a lot of opinions about pregnancy and childbirth, and not all of them are true. The media certainly doesn’t help in perpetuating these stereotypes and myths, and most movies get the whole process totally wrong. Here are the top things the media gets wrong about pregnancy and the process of having a kid.

10 Best Work-From-Home Jobs

The COVID-19 pandemic has had serious global health repercussions, but it’s also the source of an economic crisis. Here are the top work from home jobs in 2020 that you should take advantage of ASAP, whether you’re looking for part-time, freelance, or full-time work.

15 Things You Should Know about Being a Bridesmaid

Whether it’s the first or the 10th time for you, being a bridesmaid can be some intimidating territory. It’s an honor to be chosen as a bridesmaid, but the pressure that comes with that responsibility is real. Shake off that glow and start memorizing the following list of what your expected duties as a bridesmaid are, and how not to overstep.

Little Girl Is Mom’s Adorable Sous Chef In The Kitchen

Ever since she was a baby, Kinu has been assisting her mom in the kitchen with picturesque coffees, breakfasts, and other culinary adventures. This is much more than we can say for other youngsters her age – someone’s definitely going to be on Masterchef Junior in a couple of years!

Top 10 Vitamins To Help You Combat Stress

Stress impacts your whole body, lowering your immunity, ruining your sleep cycle, and messing with your digestion. That’s why it’s so important not only to figure out what’s stressing you, but to alter your diet so it would help your mind and body to heal.