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Lady Gaga’s Greatest Christmas Gift Is Every Girl’s Dream

What do you get a woman who has everything? Gaga is incredibly successful and it looks like she has everything. Since the price won’t impress them, the meaning behind the gift should. That’s exactly what Lady Gaga got as an early Christmas present. Something every little girl has dreamt of – a white pony.

This Is What Happens When You Say Santa Isn’t Real: #MiddleFingerEmoji!

There’s serious consequences that come with revealing the truth about Santa to your child. Consequences, for which the parent’s of a 10-year-old girl from Maryland, weren’t prepared for.
The little girl’s name is Belle and she had been asking her parents to tell her the truth about Santa Claus every day. Finally, the parents decided to be honest and tell her the truth. The reaction they got was heartbreaking yet hilarious at the same time.

Channing Tatum’s Lip Sync Battle: Beyonce Or Elsa? Either Way, He’s Gonna Rock It!

A teaser trailer of Lip Sync Battle’s second season has been released and it features quite a few amazing surprises. What will probably surprise you the most is that Channing Tatum is going into a lip sync battle with his wife, and the stakes have never been higher. Both him and his wife turned out to be very competitive, and deciding the winner will be really tricky.

Miss Universe 2015: A Hilarious Mistake That Made It Awkward

#MissUniverse2015 is trending on Twitter today. Is it because everyone is a huge fan of that beauty pageant? Probably not. It’s most likely due to a hilarious and viral mistake made by this year’s host of the show, Steve Harvey. Steve Harvey read the card...

The First Official Photo Of All Female Ghostbusters Has Been Revealed!

Ghostbusters is a classic. There isn’t a person who hasn’t seen it, and if there is, shame on them. Rebooting a classic is always tricky. It’s scary, you have to take a great movie and then somehow make it better. It doesn’t always work out. There are so many fans out there, and it’s difficult to please them all. However, it looks like that’s not the case with the Ghostbusters reboot. This movie promises to be amazing.

Lena Dunham Is Proud Of Her Moves!

If you haven’t seen this notorious Lena moment, where have you been? Lena Dunham posted a GIF (or shall we say a gift) of herself on Instagram. You can see her dancing around in nothing but her underwear, being her confident self. Trying to describe her moves would be tricky, so you just have to see it. Let’s just say Lena captioned the GIF with “Too proud of my moves not to share this special GIF.”

Taylor Swift’s Got Us A Present For Her Birthday!

Taylor Swift celebrated her 26th birthday on Sunday, December 13th! The celebration took place at the Malibu home of Apple executive Jimmy Lovine, and was a combined Christmas-themed party for both Taylor and Lovine’s daughter, Jessica. Taylor Swift came with her boyfriend Calvin Harris and...

Selena Gomez and Niall Horan: Are They JUST Friends?

There’s been a lot of rumors lately about Selena and Niall dating, but are they true? They seem to be hanging out together a lot. The whole thing started a while ago when they were spotted at Katy Perry’s concert in London together. Sure, they could’ve just gone as friends, but as it usually is with celebs, everyone started spreading rumors and wondering if they’re dating or not, analyzing every glance and touch.

Okay, #FashionSanta You Have Our Attention!

Meet Paul Mason, who is more known as Fashion Santa this year. He has been working in fashion for about 30 years and his hallmark look is a hipster Santa Clause. Forget the big belly and the untidy beard; he is tall, slim, handsome and actually pretty hot. He doesn’t wear a traditional red velvet costume, instead he gets dressed in a stylish red leather jacket and skinny jeans. The beard stays of course, but it has never looked so seductive before. It looks like Mason just stepped out of a fashionable barbershop. He looks too unsettling to pass by.