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14 Thoughts You Think When You’re Being Ghosted

Being ghosted is what happens when you’re dating someone, and they suddenly just start ignoring you, completely wiping your existence from their lives without doing the courtesy of letting you know. It’s a pretty rude practice, and there’s been a spike in the amount of ghosting especially with the rise of online dating where people are reduced to left and right swipes. Either way, being on the receiving end of it can be a tolling process, and these are the different stages.

Zodiac Signs That Would Make The Best Couples

There are certain things that help you understand someone – their favorite food, what their favorite movies are, what their childhood was like… but knowing your astrological compatibility runs much deeper than any of those things. It’s actually possible to figure out who your soulmate is just by dating someone that was born in a certain month, and ultimately can help you find that one person that you’ve been waiting for.

19 Disturbing Signs You’re In An Unhealthy Relationship

There are certain red flags that might be happening in your relationship that you’re not even aware of. Sometimes, you can be so stuck in the pattern of your relationship that you don’t really take a moment to stop and wonder, “is this really working?” The following are some terrifying things to realize if you’re in a relationship, but can be signs that it may be time to let that person go.

18 Things That Happen When Your BFF Is Dating A Jerk

When your best friend dates a guy that doesn’t deserve her, you can start to reach some uncharted and uncomfortable territory. You will always furiously stand up for her and what is best for her – but when she’s dating someone that kind of seems like a loser in your book, it can be hard to know when not to overstep boundaries, and when to be honest.

Elegant and Spooky Halloween Wedding Ideas

 Planning a wedding this fall? Let’s face it: not everyone likes a traditional wedding with a lush white wedding dress, a big wedding cake with flowers, classic background music etc. Your wedding party may be a lot different. How about throwing an off-the-wall one on...

Best Places to Meet Your Mr. Right

Eternal question – where are all the good guys? It may seem to you that there are no men left, or if this rare species does exist they are hiding so well you can’t find them. You meet perverts and dummies, but still believe there...

25 reasons to date an older guy

When you see a happy younger women with an older guy by her side, it’s not all explained by daddy issues and money. But women literally grow up faster than guys do. Our prefrontal lobes literally develop faster than guys do. But an older guy can show you places or things that you never thought existed. He knows himself better after learning from his past relationships and now knows how to treat a woman properly. If you’re ready to stop mothering boys, and open yourself up to a real man, he’ll help you figure out how to be your own woman, which is the most valuable thing there is.

Things You Need to Know Before Dating an Extrovert

There are so many articles about introverts and how to deal with them. What if you are an introvert and you need to know how to date an extrovert? The truth is, extroverts are more open and less mysterious than introverts, but it doesn’t mean you can read an extrovert like an open book. Here are things you will probably hear from extroverts and need to be ready for before starting your relationships.