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9 Small Things Guys Notice About You Even If You Think They Don’t

While men do pay attention to the more obvious things first, they do care about everything else too. They pay attention to the things you say, how you say them, your personality, your views on life, your style, etc. They might not comment on it, but trust me, they notice. So let’s talk about 9 small things guys notice about you even if you think they don’t.

14 Reasons To Date a Confident Guy

There’s nothing sexier than dating someone who is self-assured with high-self esteem. They don’t project any toxic emotions or insecurities, and generally, make you feel like you’re the queen of their world.

First Date Ideas & What They Say About Him

When a guy is picking out the location for your first date, it’s a good way to get some insight into his personality. Is he more of the rowdy party type, or a quiet intellectual? Here are some of the most popular first date choices and what they say about potential bae.

12 Bad Dating Habits To Avoid

Dating is a process that some adore and others loathe. You’re getting to know new people, and in the process, you’re picking up some social habits – some good, and others bad. Here are the worst dating habit red flags that you should be aware of.

7 Reasons Why Couples Break Up After Having a Baby

Most people don’t fully realize the amount of changes their lives will undergo once a baby is born, that’s why they are so shocked by the first few months of living together as parents. When you find out about the most common changes, you’ll be prepared to deal with all those issues and work on your relationship.

6 Tips On How To Escape A Bad Date Early

We’ve all been there when you are on a date and immediately realize it was a mistake. If you have made this mistake of letting a bad date go on too long – or you’re currently devising that plan of escape, here are 6 tips on how to escape a bad date early.

10 Signs You’re Not Ready to Date a Single Parent

Falling in love with someone who has kids is a complicated journey that not everyone might be ready for. You have to remember to be open-minded and kind through this rollercoaster of an experience. Here are some signs that you’re not quite prepared to take this step.