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10 Coolest Winter Coat Trends

The worst parts of winter are dry skin and below freezing temps, but the best part is the icy fashion that comes with the cold weather, most importantly, the fashionable outerwear. Here are the best winter coat trends to carry through 2020.

8 Signs You Are Addicted to Your Mobile Phone

Recent studies have discovered that almost one in every eight people are addicted to their phones. And nomophobia – short for “no mobile phone phobia” – is seriously dangerous to the human body, from mental and physical, to psychological and economical. If you think you might be suffering from your own case of nomophobia, read these clear 8 signs that you are addicted to your mobile phone.

7 Interior Decoration Trends You Should Forget

Decorating your living area is always a challenge. You want it to look good, you want it to represent who you are as a person, you want it to be functional, and you also want it to be #OnTrend. To help you with this, here are 7 trends in interior decoration that are dead.

10 Unbelievable Eye Makeup Trends You’ll Want To Try Immediately

Millions of women put on eye makeup every day. It inspires makeup artists to create stunning techniques and amazing new looks that can be used by women all over the world. It is both fun, interesting and serves a bigger purpose of making women more confident about themselves, maybe to a point when the main eye makeup trend will be no makeup at all! But until then we can play with eye makeup as much as we like. Here are 10 unbelievable eye makeup trends you’ll want to try yourself.