10 Awesome Women TV Shows You Should Binge-Watch Right Now

When choosing a TV show to watch we, girls, are naturally drawn towards certain things. We enjoy romantic stories and good comedies just as much as mysteries and thrilling sci-fi flicks set far off in the future. We like complex characters that evolve and change within the show’s plotline. We also enjoy all kinds of relationships, especially set in peculiar surroundings, as well as shows featuring awesome female leads. It may seem like we’re quite picky when it comes to TV shows, but there are quite a lot of good series that have all these ingredients. Here are 10 awesome women TV shows you should binge-watch right now.



The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
We aren’t ranking series here, but if we were, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel would probably be our number one choice. It’s definitely one of the wittiest and funniest TV shows of the last decade, featuring gorgeous Rachel Brosnahan who portrays Midge Maisel, a woman who goes through a whole lot of hardships in a truly hilarious way. Set in the late 50s, the show explores not only what it’s like to be a woman, a wife, and a mother, but also delves into the whole stand-up comedian scene and what it takes to be successful in life. This show features and incredible amount of witty puns that will make you laugh until you have tears in your eyes. It’s that good!



Game of Thrones
This is definitely not your typical TV show ‘for girls’, but it has so many empowering female characters that we simply can’t omit it. In the beginning of the first season Game of Thrones was mostly male-dominated with women plotting in the shadows and doing what they had to do to survive, but as time went by things changed drastically. Now we have queens fighting for Westeros and against the dark (and cold) forces of White Walkers. The path of Daenerys Targaryen alone is a good enough reason to watch the show, and there are much more characters that are just as badass. But be warned, there’s more bloodshed than in any TV show you’ve watched!


The Handmaid’s Tale
This show is usually pegged as a sci-fi thriller, but for us girls it’s a real horror. Its female-centred drama runs so deep and touches upon fears so old that it’s almost impossible to watch the show without cringing. Set in the nearest future where the government of one country decided to build an ‘ideal society’ with all capable women conceiving children and giving birth according to a certain horrifying system, this dystopian show definitely got its Emmy for a reason.



Big Little Lies
With Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, and Shailene Woodley as leading ladies, this show was basically doomed for success. The story revolves around three women, all living in a small town of Monterey: Celeste, a former lawyer and a mother of two; Madeline, a classy and powerful woman feared by most of the locals; Jane, a young mother who just came to town. There’s romance, passion, domestic abuse, and, yes, a murder to be solved. An exquisite TV show worthy of binge-watching right now!


Killing Eve
If you can imagine Hannibal with female characters, then this show is right up your alley. The story centres on two talented women, each in her own way. Villanelle is a prestigious assassin who not only earns her living by killing people, but also enjoys the whole process very much, being a psychopath and all. Eve is a highly-intelligent and equally bored MI5 officer whose dream is to take part in some real-life spy action. When these two forces meet, it’s like a clash of the Titans! Watch the ultimate game of cat and mouse unfold right in front of your eyes in truly epic proportions.



The Good Wife
Revolving around the love, work, and drama of one fierce Alicia Florrick, the show is feminist to its core and does it in a brilliant way. Alicia’s story starts with her husband’s betrayal and an attempt to pull herself together by getting back the job she’s left a decade ago to raise children. Being a lawyer, she has to deal with politics, scandals, and an incredible amount of filth, all the while trying to make sense of her personal life. The show gives much thought to female characters and you see them develop, make mistakes, be brilliant, and wrong, petty one second, and brave the other. It’s a definite must-see!


The 100
Set in the distant future when humanity had to go live on a space station slowly rotating around a contaminated Earth, the show tells a story about a group of teenagers sent down despite the risk of dying from radiation. The series is basically packed with strong female characters, who are fierce, yet vulnerable, know how to fight and are capable of love as well. Watch the story unfold dramatically as humans from space meet local survivors that have been living on Earth all this time and are not at all happy to meet the newcomers.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Yes, we’re including one of the ‘oldies’ because this show is just that good! Whether you’re in your teens thinking that world is a tough place or a young woman simply looking for something fun, supernatural, yet meaningful to watch – this is definitely a show for you. The show has amazing characters, exciting plotlines, believable gory vampires, and a whole bunch of relatable issues Buffy, a teenage school girl, is trying to overcome. Watch it at least once and you’ll be back for more!



Orange Is The New Black
What could one expect from a TV show about women in prison? Anything! What’s so good about the show is that the very environment of Orange is the New Black sets the characters free to be whatever they want and how they want it. Here you’ll find women of all races, backgrounds, and upbringings. Their stories are funny, sad, gruesome, and all things in-between. It’s a study in human nature that goes far beyond being male or female, but the plot is definitely thrilling and worth your while.


Jessica Jones
Marvel’s Jessica Jones is a rare gem that combines great story-telling, psychological development (or some might argue – deterioration) of the main character, and a whole bunch of mysteries to solve. Jessica Jones works as a PI in New York and possesses some pretty outstanding powers that help her get through her cases. Yet she herself is mentally broken, living day by day trying to forget what was done to her and, at the same time, figure out why she turned out to be the way she is. It’s a thrilling show unlike anything you’ve seen before!