10 Biggest Secrets about Bernadette In “Big Bang Theory”

Here are the 10 biggest secrets you probably didn’t know about Bernadette from the Big Bang Theory.



1. Probably has the highest income in the show
We know that Bernadette works for the pharmaceutical company – she is responsible for testing drugs and could get a job for Penny. She also has her personal office and she doesn’t moan about her job much. Assuming that Sheldon lectures at CalTech (~$140k) and earns the most from the quartet (that’s including Leonard, Howard and Raj), Bernadette’s income is higher, as it allows her to mock Howard. Who knew!

2. Started as a supporting role and made it into the main cast
Amy, along with Bernadette, was supposed to be just a recurring actress for part of the storyline, however, writer and producer Steve Molaro revealed that he loved the characters depicted by Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch. The audience warmly accepted both of them and they got larger parts on the show.

3. The character had to be changed
If you remember Bernadette’s early appearances she was quiet as a mouse working together with Penny. She still has the same appearance, nevertheless, her character came a long way to where it is right now. She is strong and confident with a very prominent voice (which if you noticed, hasn’t appeared till later on in the series). Her improved role is definitely more likable and blends in well with the group.



4. The place she works
As mentioned above, Bernadette has a well-paid job, however, there is not much information about it. It is called Zangen, as it can be seen from lab coat and merchandise Penny got when she started as a sales representative. It is known that Bernadette is in a scientific field and doesn’t like to talk about her job much.

5. Her family
The audience has met Bernadette’s father, who is a rugged outdoorsman and former police officer. But where is Mrs. Rostenkowski? It seems that Bernadette has a complicated relationship with her mom. What about her other five siblings? No names or ages are known as the audience learns some details of Bernadette’s youth. Who knows? Maybe there will be a couple of episodes with a big family reunion.



6. The actress
Melissa Rauch, who plays Bernadette, previously worked as a waitress to put her through her early career. She didn’t work for any fancy places, but rougher locations like sports bar and a Johnny Rockets. Both for Bernie and Melissa, a 9 to 5 job wouldn’t be a great choice, but it did help her to get into character. The actress liked the show before she started, so it was a piece of cake.

7. Pregnancy twist
This is one of the biggest events for Howard and Bernadette, as they are going to be parents. It seems to be a very fast development of both characters, since in the beginning they were struggling to get a date! Originally, another plot was planned for the episode when it was revealed she was pregnant, but Steve Molaro had the idea to mention a pregnancy, and everyone loved it!



8. Religion issues
Bernadette is Catholic and marries a Jewish man; Melissa Rauch herself happens to be Jewish. To prepare for her role, Melissa had to consider not only physical behavior (like her style of voice and walk) but also her attributes. She practices by wearing a large cross to the audition. The question of religion is not emphasized for her role but luckily it all balanced out.

9. Personal mystery
We know the ages and birthdays of most of the main characters like Leonard and Sheldon, but Bernadette’s remains a mystery. Her birthday was never mentioned on the show, and her age can be guessed only through very rough calculations. It is very likely that she is a similar age to Penny, but it’s almost impossible to find any evidence. However, we know that Bernadette is one of the few characters who comes from California, so she is native to the region. Oh well – a lady never tells her age!



10. Her personality
You can hear her voice in your head right now – it is high-pitched, and sometimes annoying. But it’s one of the things that makes up her character. Other traits that come to mind are her dislike of puppies and children. Those are very reasonable, as she was bitten by puppy as a child and her mom ran an illegal daycare. But what about geeky things? Being married to a geek doesn’t make her like it any more. She doesn’t seem to like magic tricks or science fiction. But what do we know? Maybe these things will change over time!