10 Celebrities Who Chopped Their Hair Off

Spring is a perfect time for a fresh start. Lots of people do spring cleaning to rid their house of all the stuff they don’t need or want anymore, and scrub every surface clean, so that everything can look nice and shiny. But why stop there? We think spring is also a great time to shed all that long hair and get a fresh start with a new, edgy haircut. Many celebrities have already chopped their hair off and, who knows, perhaps their new look will inspire you to do the same.



1. Nina Dobrev has been wanting to cut her hair of for a long time now, but due to her work contracts she wasn’t allowed to. But now it finally happened. She chopped off her luscious dark locks in favor of a textured, asymmetrical, messy lob. Doesn’t she look stunning?



2. Cara Delevingne is known for her looks, and while she’s no stranger to changing up her style and going from ripped jeans and a t-shirt to a glamorous dress in a matter of minutes, she’s never had a change quite this big and permanent. She chopped off her long blonde hair into a blunt lob and went platinum blonde. And you know what? It suits her so much we wonder why she hasn’t done it sooner.

3. Katy Perry is no stranger to changing up her hair. She’s been a brunette, a blonde and everything in between, including every color of the rainbow. Basically her hair has been through a lot and we thought she has exhausted her ability to surprise us, but she proved us wrong. Instead of experimenting with color, she chopped it all off this time. Katy says that her short hairdo has been inspired by Scarlett Johansson, ever since she saw her short haircut she couldn’t get the thought of getting the same one out of her head.



4. Kristen Stewart has gone from looking awkward as hell on a red carpet, to experimenting with her style and changing it up until she felt good and looked great. We’ve seen her go from brunette to blonde, and she’s cut her hair to a lob before, but nothing could prepare us for the blonde buzz cut she sported recently. There’s rumors that this drastic haircut was for a role, but either way that is one shocking haircut.


5. Olivia Wilde’s hairstyle has remained the same for years. Long, waved brown locks, that would occasionally get a slight ombre at the ends. That was it for ages. But she definitely surprised her Instagram followers when she posted a picture of herself with a blonde lob and captioned it “Oh what’s up, BLONDE LIFE”.



6. Bella Thorne was always associated with her red long hair, but boy did she shock her fans with her shorter blue hair. Never in a million years would we think she’d go with such a bold color, but we’ve got to admit she looks really cool with blue hair.

7. Selena Gomez also chopped off her thick dark waves and got herself an edgy lob. That is the trend these days, after all. Can you blame her though? She looks super cool with her new hairdo.

8. Ariel Winter also jumped on the bandwagon and chopped her hair off. But not only did she cut her hair shorter, she also got bangs! What do you think? Yes? No? Does this hairstyle suit her? We can’t quite make up our mind.



9. Lucy Hale used to have long flowing waxy locks back in the day. But ever since she chopped them off a couple of years ago, she kept them at a lob length. Why? Because clearly she knows that once you cut your hair short, you never want to deal with long hair again.

10. Kylie Jenner isn’t afraid to experiment with her hair. She’s had it chopped, bleached, dyed all sort of colors multiple times. She’s worn extensions when she wanted her long hair back and taken them out when she wanted short. As far as we know she’s back to a classic lob, but who knows how long that will last.