10 Celebs Who Really Shouldn’t Have Lost That Much Weight

We all admire celebs in one way or another. Some of us focus on their talents, others on their looks. And while there’s nothing wrong with setting yourself some fitness goals and wanting to look good and feel good, you should always keep in mind that what looks good on some people might not look that great on you. Like some people are just naturally skinny, and that’s what looks good on them. Others are naturally more curvy, but that’s what suits them best. But a lot of the time we don’t take that into consideration and just want to be skinny. And it’s not just us, celebs have that problem too. Some of them definitely go too far in their strive to be skinny. Take a look at 12 celebs who really shouldn’t have lost that much weight.



1. Mila Kunis
Where did your boobs go, Mila? Don’t you miss those?



2.Angelina Jolie
She was always skinny, but she’s approaching skeletal these days.

3. Kate Bosworth
Her face definitely looked cuter with cheeks, not cheekbones.



4. Hilary Swank
Ok, so she was never particularly shapely, but this level of skinny is just not cool.

5. Jake Gyllenhaal
Why did you do this Jake? We love it when you have cheeks and abs, not cheekbones and ribs sticking out.



6. Natalie Portman
Remember how she used to have some curves?

7.Renee Zellweger
Say what you want but I loved her in Bridget Jones way more. She looked so relatable and adorable.

8. Tori Spelling
From cute to way too thin.



9.Nicole Ricci
She definitely had some curves back in the day.

10. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen
Remember when they still had cheeks?