10 Disney Characters Who Could Easily Be Gay

Disney is famous for its outstanding princess characters and overall good-beats-bad messages, but what most people don’t notice are the slightly (or heavily) gay characters that appear in almost every movie. Yep, that’s right! LGBT community adores Disney movies for that very reason. And what’s not to like? Those characters are fun, lively, flamboyant and make each movie truly special (apart from all the princes and princesses, of course). Here’s a bunch of characters that might or might not be gay.



This is one of the most direct ties to the LGBT community – Disney used the personality of a famous drag queen Divine to create Ursula the Sea Witch. The character ended up looking and acting fantastic, with amazing body language and loads of drama.



Lion King’s Scar is what we call ‘coded gay’. He’s sardonic, effeminate and hasn’t had relationships with any lionesses while Simba was running around catching bugs. All these are clues to the character’s sexuality, which aren’t direct, but still point in the ‘right direction’.

Hades is like every girl’s best (or in this case – worst) sassy gay friend that always has some nifty comment on everything. He’s one of the ‘fop’ characters Disney likes to use so much. The word comes from 17th century England where it was used to describe a cowardly, fashionable man. This archetype for gay men was used by Hollywood for decades.



Timon and Pumbaa
Coded gays are not always villains, Timon and Pumbaa are the proof of that. These two are fun, flamboyant, and make us think that same-sex parenting is a pretty cool thing. Timon is actually voiced by a gay actor named Nathan Lane.

‘Conceal don’t feel, don’t let them know/ Well now they know!’
‘It’s funny how some distance/ Makes everything seem small/ And the fears that once controlled me/ Can’t get to me at all!’

Frozen’s Elsa voiced out some pretty neat lyrics that can become an anthem for coming out of the closet. It’s a real LGBT gem!



‘I’m getting pretty fond of you, kid,’ he tells Aladdin after he saves him. ‘Not that I want to pick out curtains, or anything.’ Genie is one of the most iconic Disney characters ever created. He knows more pop culture trivia than any home wife and likes to cross-dress every now and then.

Mulan has inspired many queer theorists. The story of a girl who dresses up as a man and goes to war instead of her father has ‘LGBT’ written all over it. Disney has a lot of fun with same-sex relationships in the movie: Shane clearly has interest in Mulan, but reveals his feelings only after Mulan’s female identity becomes clear.

Everyone seemed to like the possibility of a new lesbian Disney Princess, that’s why Merida caused quite a stir after the release of the movie. There’s no reason a 14-yesr-old would want to get married to guys she’s never met in her life, but the character still received a huge gay and feminist following.



Hugo and Djali
As far as openly gay characters are concerned, this might be the only Disney gay couple with a happy ending. The romance between a gargoyle and a goat starts in the first part and continues in the sequel of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, where the two finally reveal their true feelings. It’s the best happy ending ever!

Frozen has one character who is clearly gay. In this scene, when he offers Kristoff and Anna a go in his sauna, we get to see his family. Which is? His husband and a bunch of kids!