10 Female Celebrities that Guys Find Unattractive

When it comes to fame, the attractiveness of the celebrities is what often defines them as the popular stars that they are. However, from time to time a celebrity is able to find success precisely because they are so unusual-looking. In some cases they were simply born that way, but in other situations it is the result of plastic surgery, substance abuse, or both. In any event, here is a list of 10 female celebrities who have the looks that makes the average man want to turn away.



1. Lady Gaga
Stefani Germanotta, better known as pop star Lady Gaga, wears weird dresses made of Kermit the Frog dolls and raw meat for a reason: to distract from the fact that she is a legitimate she-goblin. Whether it is her lack of cheekbones, droopy mouth or that nose job, men definitely do not like what they see. However, it certainly hasn’t stopped her from achieving an insane amount of success.



2. Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan (aka LiLo) started off as an adorable child model and actress, but the years of alcohol and drug abuse have not been kind to her face. Her wrinkles and tired appearance are not at all consistent with that of a woman in her early 30s. Her bad attitude and refusal to show any humility have done little to endear a public that is always willing to give celebrities another chance. She is just all around ugly these days.

3. Juliette Lewis
Juliette Lewis is an extremely talented actress who was perfect in the role of various troubled characters in the 90s and 2000s. But her demented eyes, oddly shaped mouth, and the “I haven’t had a shower in weeks” appearance place her solidly on this list. And to think she dated Brad Pitt back in the day!



4. Jocelyn Wildenstein
Seriously, what is the deal with Jocelyn Wildenstein’s face? A natural beauty in her youth, this Swiss-born American socialite is the poster child for everything wrong with plastic surgery. She is rumored to have spent more than $4 million to look like this.

5. Donatella Versace
Sister of the late fashion designer Gianna Versace, Donatella Versace was never particularly stunning, but the amount of plastic surgery that she has had done on her face – especially that impossibly wide mouth – has turned her into something out of every man’s worst nightmares. But if it is any consolation, Versace makes a great line of colognes!



6. Maggie Gyllenhaal
While women everywhere think Jake Gyllenhaal is a stud, sadly guys don’t hold a similar opinion about his sister Maggie. Although she has an Oscar nomination to her credit, nothing changes the fact that she looks like one of those retro Campbell’s Soup Kids.

7. Megan Fox
Surprised to see Megan Fox on this list? You shouldn’t be. Her beauty is not in dispute, but her fake personality and horrible “the universe revolves around me” attitude is a major turnoff for the average man and famed action movie directors alike. To make matters worse, she has elected to get plastic surgery even though she is in the prime of her celebrity life. Although only in her late 20s, all that botox makes her look like a 60 year old who is trying to recapture her youth. Why, Megan, why?

8. Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton, an heiress to the Hilton Hotel Empire, was the epitome of the spoiled, entitled rich kid back in the early 2000s. Her sex tapes and notorious prison stay created a media circus. Although she has thankfully faded from the spotlight, a lot of men are baffled that a woman who so closely resembles a llama was ever considered attractive!



9. Tilda Swinton
The best way to describe this London-born actress is as part David Bowie, part “Children of the Corn” plus a bit of space alien thrown in. While Swinton gets raves for her work in art house flicks and is said to have a quirky personality, men can’t help but look away when she stares back with her wide-set eyes.

10. Tori Spelling
Most people remember Tori Spelling as Donna from Beverly Hills 90210, a role she got entirely because of her father Aaron Spelling, the show’s producer. She managed to inherit a lot of her dad’s goofy facial features, including his elfish eyes and cheekbones. Sorry, but Aaron Spelling in a blond wig is no guy’s type.