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10 Gorgeous Celebs Who Were Once Deemed Too Ugly For Hollywood


Hollywood is full of beautiful people. All the most famous actors and actresses we know look so perfect that it’s almost superhumen. It’s like they’re a step above us, mortal humans, and we can never achieve their level of beauty and poise. But do you know why this is the case? Because Hollywood has very high and, dare I say, harsh standards when it comes to looks. If you think it’s bad now, think about how bad it was say 50-60 years ago, when all the actors and actresses were white.
These days it’s starting to get better. People of color are getting to play big roles and people with more or less realistic body shapes are also getting parts in movies. However, those cases are few and far between. Just to emphasize how ridiculous the Hollywood standards are – take a look at this list of gorgeous celebs who were deemed “too ugly” for Hollywood at the start of their career. Thank god they didn’t take it close to heart and persevered.




1. Reese Witherspoon
When she first arrived at Hollywood, Reese was constantly told she wasn’t tall enough or beautiful enough at auditions. It might’ve broken someone else’s spirit, but not Reese’s. She was stubborn in her beliefs and just wouldn’t let comments like that bother her. She didn’t care about those opinions and kept going until she succeeded. Kinda like her character in Legally Blonde, right?
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2. Kat Dennings
Kat Dennings was told she’s not pretty enough for Hollywood so many times it’s ridiculous. Various casting agents told her that to get a role she’s going to need a lot of work done. Kat was told her teeth need to fixed, and that she needs to get a tan because she’s just too pale for any role. Well look at her now, being a star of 2 Broke Girls and starring in 2 Thor movie, and many other films. Still as pale as ever and still as beautiful too.
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3.Lea Michele
Most of us know Lea Michele as Rachel Berry from Glee. That role made her mega-famous. She’s also a very beautiful lady with thousands if not millions of fans. However, not everyone thought so when Lea was just starting out her career. In one of her interviews she said that at the very beginning of her career she was told she’s too ugly for Hollywood roles and that one manager even told her that she should either get a nose job or get out of Hollywood.
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4. Meryl Streep
Can you even imagine that at some point in her career Meryl Streep was called too ugly for Hollywood? I mean, this extraordinary woman has been nominated for an Oscar more than anyone – nineteen times. And she won three of those. 2 for Best Actress, and one for Supporting Actress. Well, back in 1975, when auditioning for King Kong, the producer of the movie dared to say “oh why did you bring me this ugly thing” as a comment about Meryl in Italian. I guess he didn’t think Meryl would understand. But this awesome lady replied in perfect Italian “I’m sorry I’m not pretty enough for King Kong”.
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5. Kate Winslet
Believe it or not, Kate Winslet, an Oscar winning actress, who’s been nominated 9 times, was shamed as teenager when auditioning for roles. She wouldn’t get the roles because she was called “too fat”. Not only is that extremely rude, but also, could be detrimental to one’s self esteem, especially to a teenager. However, Kate just kept trying and eventually she showed everyone what a beautiful and talented actress she really is.
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6. Sarah Jessica Parker
Say what you want about Sarah Jessica Parker, but you can’t deny she’s a legendary woman. She’s the star of Sex and the City. Generations of women wish they could be her. She’s not only a star of that TV show and then 2 Sex and the City movies, but she’s just generally a very successful actress and business woman. Yet back in 2007 she topped the “Unsexiest Women Alive” list in Maxim. Not only that, but people constantly call her not pretty enough, but that hasn’t stopped her on her way to success and total stardom.
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7. Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer is so talented, beautiful and downright hilarious when it comes to her sense of humor. She’s everything we imagine a perfect girl should be. It’s not a secret that millions of teenage girls and women look up to her now. She has a “no bullshit” attitude when it comes to comments about her appearance. Yet, when the first Hunger Games movie came out she was basically criticized for being “too fat”. Not in those exact words of course, but she was told she wasn’t the right size and didn’t look hungry enough for the role.
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8. Lena Dunham
Lena Dunham is way too busy enjoying her success and taking over Hollywood to care about what anyone says about her. But we all remember that when Girls first came out everyone criticized her and said that the show was unrealistic. All because the male co-stars she chose were deemed “too hot” for her and “someone like Lena could never possibly score someone as hot as them”.
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9. Mindy Kaling
Mindy Kaling is rocking Hollywood with her show The Mindy Project right now. She’s a gorgeous and funny lady, who’s also a talented writer and comedian. It’s kind of ridiculous that there was a time when she was offered to have her own show as a writer, but was told she had to audition to play herself on the show. What’s even more insane is that she went ahead, auditioned and was denied the role because “she wasn’t pretty enough” to play herself. Seriously, Hollywood, wtf?
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10. Winona Ryder
We know her as the sex symbol of the nineties. Back at the time everyone knew that if you wanted to look sexy, you should try to channel Winona Ryder. More than a decade has passed since then, yet Winona is looking as good and beautiful as ever. It’s weird to even think that she was at one point told that she wouldn’t make it in Hollywood because she’s not pretty enough, but it’s true. That’s what she had to deal with when she was just starting out in Hollywood.
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