10 Hollywood Perfect Dads

10 Hollywood Perfect DadsWho could be tenderer than a dad holding his child? What can be more touching than to see a dad kissing his baby? What if this dad is a celeb dad?! Really nothing can be better!
They are sensationally talented. These studs are smokin’ hot. The women all over the world can’t breathe easy watching them showing off the mind-blowing six-packs or showing off that staggering smile that just melts your heart. But these crushers aren’t just handsome movie idols. Believe or not but they’re true family guys. Check out the proof below and have your box of Kleenex handy as you may just tear up a little. The level of cuteness runs too high!

1. Jay-Z1. Jay-Z
The stylish Jay Z always looks like a proud papa next to his cute baby-girl. They both really like to pose together and make funny faces to the cameras. Shawn Carter (Jay-Z’s real name) has never demonstrated his sincere smiling face to public before Blue appeared in his life. It’s probably the most touching Hollywood dad transformation.
2. David Beckham2. David Beckham
Everyone knows that the Beckhams are the hands-down winners of the most fashionable and adorable family award. Each of their shots is so heartwarming that even the most cynical persons can’t help but smile. David and Victoria Beckham have 3 sons Brooklyn, 16; Romeo, 12; Cruz, 10 and the youngest princess Harper, 3.

3. Ben Affleck3. Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck is a happy dad of two adorable girls – Seraphina, 6; Violet, 8 and a bouncing baby-boy Samuel who is 3. This Hollywood sexy dad always looks serious and even a little bit exiting alongside his kids. There are just a few pics where he shows off his ‘happiest dad’ smile. Have you seen his interview where he admitted his daughters would rather watch ‘Frozen’ than ‘Batman’? ‘If I was doing the sequel to ‘Frozen’, I would be a hero for them’ – he said. It seemed to me he needed a hug at that moment.
4. Mattew McConaughey4. Mattew McConaughey
Matthew is the father of three kids – Levi, 7; Vida, 5 and Livington, 2. He loves to bring his wife Camila Alves and three adorable kids out to the formal events. Just remember the Oscar Ceremony of 2014, when little Vida was holding dad’s legs right on the stage when he was accepting his Oscar. He also likes to share really cute everyday moments with his family. These kind of shots provides us a dose of pure tenderness and love that one of Hollywood’s hottest dads delivers up to his kids.

5. Kanye West5. Kanye West
One of the most brutal Hollywood rappers looks so defenseless holding his sweet North West. Every time the outspoken celeb talks about his daughter and wife he gets emotional. He also likes to share the story of his romantic proposal to Kim. Complementing this true paternal love, Kanye is pretty strict in matters of North’s upbringing and discipline. He admits he will control the situations that will happen in the everyday life of his little princess. ‘I definitely will use my best judgment to discipline her’ – says Kanye. So it’s a true ‘love lockdown’, baby.
6. Channing Tatum6. Channing Tatum
The 34-year-old Hollywood actor spends really more time with his 1-year-old princess Everly that one could ever imagine. The former ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ always talks about fatherhood with a trembling voice. Paps often catch this hugely cute family shopping, or just walking along the street. The actor admits someday he will show Everly his stripper movies, moreover he’s pretty sure she’ll like it. Whoa, dad!

7. Chris Pratt7. Chris Pratt
Chris Pratt and his gorgeous wife Anna Faris welcomed their first son 2 years ago. Anna’s pregnancy was considered high-risk, but Chris has always been alongside. He has been giving a lot of interviews regarding their premature birth. But there was nothing more exciting than his explanation of the fact the baby was born 9 weeks early. ‘The Jurassic World’ star said their little one just didn’t want to be an October man and decided to meet the world in August. Chris is still a very responsible dad. He spends a lot of time with little Jack and helps Anna to juggle her work and family. Who could ever have thought this Hollywood stud muffin could be such cool family guy?!
8. Brad Pitt8. Brad Pitt
Brad is the number one proud dad of Hollywood. Hell yeah! It isn’t really an easy deal to be the daddy in the Brangelina-clan. Have you ever imagined your house full of six kids? Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh and twins Knox and Vivienne are the main characters of Pitt’s home life. This couple doesn’t hesitate to take their babies with them on their working trips. Paps often catch them at the airports and the Red carpet events. They were even called the ‘rainbow family’ for the freedom and true love values they bring to our society. Don’t you think they’re a perfect role model?

9. Will Smith9. Will Smith
Sometimes it seems to me that Will Smith’s kids are even more famous than their dad. Now Willow Smith,14 and Jaden Smith,17 are the teen icons and the trendsetters of the new generation. They often admit how close and trusted their relationship with their parents is. Once Will shared his parenting secret in a simply genius way. Niether Will nor wife Jada have ever done any kind of punishment to their kids. They allow the little Smiths to make their own choices and simply teach them to be responsible for their actions. ‘You can do anything you want so long as you can explain to me why that was the right thing to do for your life’ – says Will.
10. Chris Hemsworth10. Chris Hemsworth
I can’t really decide who’s cuter on these shots. The ‘Thor’ star and his daughter often share the adorable pics of their father and daughter time. Chris frequently Instagrammes the sweetest family moments which gather a million likes in a few moments. Moreover Hemthworth and his wife welcomed twins Sasha and Tristan last March. Now this couple have a full house!