10 Latino Actors Hotter than Brad Pitt

Beauty standarts are different all around the world, but with the amount of movies Hollywood makes, we keep seeing and hearing that the ultimate standard of hotness for men is Brad Pitt and the like. Well, we decided to challenge that idea and take a look at 10 Latino actors who, in our opinion, are way hotter than Brad Pitt. So if you’re up for a dose of gorgeous Latino men, come along on this journey with us.



1. Ryan Guzman
You might recognize this gorgeous actor from Pretty Little Liars. Now look at him and say you honestly don’t think he’s hotter than Brad Pitt. You can’t do it, can you? He’s just way better looking, and a lot younger, which is always a plus.

2. Diego Boneta
Look at his cute face and adorable curls. No one can resist the good looks of Diego Boneta. And it’s not just his face, just look at that body, does he live in the gym or what? That is one killer body.

3. Benicio Del Toro
Benicio might not be the hot young thin he used to be, but he’s still got it. His sultry looks still make women go weak at the knees. If anything he’s proof that age is nothing when you’ve got charm.

4. Ferdinando Valencia
Now is this just me, or do all Latino men spend a lot of time working out. How else can you explain the fact that every single one of them seems to have 6-pack abs.

5. Eduardo Verástegui
Once you look at Eduardo, you’ll never want to look back at Brad Pitt. I mean, look at those cheekbones, those eyes. Honestly, at this point I’m not even sure who Brad Pitt is.

6. Gael García Bernal
Gael Garcia Bernal is one good looking man. Whether you like him when he was younger with his long dark locks, or now that he’s older and has that salt and pepper thing going on, he’s still a charmer, am I right?

7. Mario Lopez
Mario Lopez has millions of fans all over the world and we can clearly see why. Not only is he a very fit gentlemen, but his charming personality and gorgeous smile will make you fall in love with him in a heartbeat.

8. Diego Luna
You’ve got to love a man who can pull off long hair and frilly sleeves and still look hot as hell. Who could possibly resist a stunner like that?

9. Amaury Nolasco
Yes, that’s right, we all recognize Amaury from Prison Break. And while he looked hot on the show, he still looks even hotter just strolling along the beach, in all his shirtless glory.

10. Cauã Reymond
Do we even need a reason at this point? Cauã Reymond is just insanely handsome and has a body of a freaking Greek god. If you had doubts before, we’re sure that after you’ve seen these 10 latino hotties you’ll agree that Brad Pitt has nothing on these guys.