10 Magical Movies To Watch If You Love Harry Potter

Who doesn’t like the Harry Potter movies? We at HerBeauty certainly adore them and can binge-watch the whole movie series at one go. But as good as Harry Potter’s story is, there are still some pretty outstanding movies about magic out there that are worth checking out. From famous movies franchises like The Chronicles of Narnia to lesser known movies like Bridge to Terabithia, Hollywood has graced us with magical stories that are great for people of all ages. So, if you like fantastic plot lines, magical beasts, and fairy-tale settings as much as we do, here are 10 magical movies that should be on your must-see list.



The Lord of the Rings Series
It’s been years since we saw the first Lord of the Rings movie directed by the incredibly talented Peter Jackson and his team of producers, composers, and special effects designers. It is still one of the most impressive true-to-book depictions of a fantasy world inhabited by legendary creatures and various races like elves, orcs, hobbits, and huge talking trees. The author of the books, J. R. R. Tolkien, spent most of his life working on the story of a young hobbit who ventured into the wild with a bunch of friends and a wizard to fight the most evil thing on Earth. Make sure you watch the extended un-cut version of the movies that are packed with additional scenes that weren’t shown in movie theaters!



The Spiderwick Chronicles
Another book adaptation of a great book series, The Spiderwick Chronicles revolves around two brothers, Jared and Simon, and their adventures in the semi-fantastic world, where reality is mixed with fairy-tale creatures and stories of the unknown. Jared’s family leaves New York to stay at an old and seemingly peaceful house of their uncle, Arthur Spiderwick. Disturbing things start happening as soon as they move in, with all the blame falling on Jared as being the biggest weirdo in the family. The kid has no other choice than to investigate what’s going on in the house, and what he finds is beyond human imagination!


The Percy Jackson Series
If you like movies about young boys who discover they have superpowers, then this movie franchise is right up your alley! Percy Jackson might not be a magician in the making, but he is a son of the almighty Poseidon, so he has a trick or two up his sleeve. Be prepared to see a whole bunch of Greek Gods, mythological creatures, horrifying monsters, and more than enough action scenes to keep you glued to the screen for hours. Definitely a must-watch!



The Hobbit
The prequel to The Lord of the Rings actually came out later than the three movies telling the story of Frodo and his adventures with the ‘one ring to rule them all’. Where did that ring come from in the first place, you might ask? Well, The Hobbit has all the answers, as well as fire-breathing dragons, demon kings, elven royalty, and a bunch of grumpy gnomes that try to get their homeland back from the vicious monster that’s been guarding it for hundreds of years. Seems adventurous, doesn’t it? Watch all the three movies in one go and you won’t regret it!


The Golden Compass
Starring Nicole Kidman, Sam Elliott, and Eva Green, this is one of the movies that features a young girl as a hero in the making. 12-year-old Lyra needs to travel to the other part of the world to save her friend as well as other kids that were taken away by a mysterious organization. Mrs. Coutler, the head of Lyra’s orphanage, turns out to be one of the mysterious kidnappers, so the girl flees from the orphanage to be saved by the Gyptians and later venture into the North, where she’ll meet a bunch of new friends as well as armored bears.



The Chronicles of Narnia
The Chronicles of Narnia are one of those classical fantastic movie series you need to watch at least once in your lifetime. The story revolves around four siblings that find a way to get into a magical world full of wonders and troubles of its own. Packed with lion kings, centaurs, giants, fauns, and talking animals, this timeless movie series will make you laugh and cry along with its heroes, who will grow up and stand up to the challenges thrown at them by the amazing new world that needs saving.


Bridge to Terabithia
Bridge to Terabithia explores the endless potential of human imagination, especially that of 12-year-old kids suffering from loneliness and family issues. Based on Katherine Paterson’s book with the same name, the movie revolves around two 12-year-olds, Leslie and Jess, who quickly become friends as two outsiders who have no one to confide in. They spend most of the time in an abandoned tree house, where they create a whole new fantasy kingdom inhabited by mystical creatures, magical forces, and fairy-tale forests only they can see. It’s one of those more mature movies that are both deeply-moving and philosophical, and will definitely leave you wanting for more.


The Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec
This movie might have a bit of a Tomb Raider feel as the main heroine, Adele Blanc-Sec, is more of an adventurous lady than a home-sitter, with a job that takes her all around the world. Nevertheless, it’s still packed with magical creatures and resurrected mummies that walk the streets of 1910’s Paris. Adele is not simply a thrill-seeker, her main objective is to find a cure for her paralyzed sister that’s been in a state of coma for years due to an incident at the game of tennis she played with her sister. The search takes Adele to ancient pterodactyls, pyramids with secret chambers, and all kinds of humorous situations created by the comics author Jacques Tardi.



The NeverEnding Story
Although a bit old-school, this epic 80s movie features some pretty outstanding storytelling, as well as a classy soundtrack by Klaus Doldinger that goes incredibly well with the whole setting of the world named Fantasia and its spectacular inhabitants. The main character, Bastian, is a shy boy that one day hides in a library to escape the bullies. That’s where he’s presented with a book named NeverEnding Story that fully captures his imagination and, in the end, becomes a bridge into the world of magic creatures and the mysterious ‘Nothing’ that threatens the very existence of that reality. It’s a pop culture classic that can be enjoyed by everyone!


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
If you thought that Harry Potter was a nail-biter, wait till you see the HP spinoff series that takes teen magic to a whole new level! Taking place in a more adult setting of New York 70 years before the events of Harry Potter, the story of Fantastic Beasts revolves around the secret magic society and the troubles of one guy named Newton who is keen on preserving various magical beasts and just happens to come to New York when some powerful dark forces come to life. It’s the #1 movie you must watch if you’re a true Harry Potter fan!