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10 Most Rebellious Celebs in Hollywood


Hollywood can seem like a very streamlined place. Everyone looks incredible, dresses impeccably and talks about how amazing it was working on their latest project where everyone was super talented, super friendly and just felt like family. At least that’s the general rule. But whenever there are rules there are always rule breakers or as we like to call them – rebels. Hollywood is no exception. There’s plenty of rebels here.



1. Rihanna
Bad girl RiRi knows a thing or two about being a rebel. Have you seen her outfits? Her fashion is all over the place but she rocks it with pride and people respect and praise her. She’s got quite a rebellious attitude and it comes through in her interviews, on her social median and even in her music and we love her even more for it.



2. Miley Cyrus
Miley seemed like such a perfect little Disney princess when she was a kid. Back in her Hannah Montana years no one could have predicted just how different and rebellious this girl was going to turn out. But a couple of crazy tours and insane outfits later we all understood that Miley isn’t one to follow the rules. She will twerk as much as she wants, she will dress the way she wants and she will stick her tongue out whenever she feels like it.


3. Adele
Before Adele most people thought that in order to be a successful musician having a good voice and being able to sing wasn’t enough. You also had to be a size zero, have crazy music videos and be able to learn and perform choreographed dances as you’re singing. But Adele proved everyone wrong. She didn’t conform to those stereotypes. In fact she managed to win a whole bunch of Grammys without ever having to do a choreographed routine, without starving herself with a ridiculous diet and having just a picture of her face on the album, instead of a half naked over-sexualized photo.



4. Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga is all about being different and unique. She started out being super weird and wearing the most outrageous outfits and singing about how she was born this way. She rebelled against the injustice in the world and she showed it in every way she could. Remember that meat dress? Tell me that wasn’t a rebellious thing to do. She’s mellowed out since in terms of fashion, but that doesn’t mean she’s not a rebel in her heart.


5. Ke$ha
This girl basically built her career on being different and not caring about what people think. Lots of people thought she would be a one hit wonder, that everything she did was just for show and that she really had nothing else to offer, but she proved them wrong. It’s been almost 10 years since her first hit and she’s still around. All thanks to her rebellious spirit.




6. Pink
Pink was the original rebel for anyone born in the 90s. Back then she was the first and only female celeb who was a true rebel. She didn’t care for status quo, she didn’t concern herself with society’s norms and she definitely didn’t care about being a traditional female role model for little girls. She just wanted to have fun and do things her way and boy did it resonate with a huge audience.


7. Rebel Wilson
I mean, this name speaks for itself. Rebel Wilson is anything but a stereotypical celeb. She’s awkward and she’s not ashamed of it. She doesn’t care if people don’t get her sense of humor or if she comes off looking silly, she just goofs around and stays true to herself no matter what. What a legend.


8. Courtney Love
I mean, we’ll never know if she killed Kurt Cobain or not, but we do know she’s a real rebel without a cause. Courtney has had her fair share of run-ins with the law, and she’s no stranger to drugs either. She’s loud, she’s proud, she’s a rebel and she doesn’t even try to hide it.



9. Madonna
Madonna is the biggest rebel in Hollywood and by now we all know it wasn’t just a phase in her youth. Her provocative performances and shocking outfits still amaze people to this day and she never tires of speaking her mind and living her life the way she wants, rules be damned.


10. Amy Winehouse
You can make as many jokes about her hair, her eyeliner or her fashion sense as you want, but Amy was a true rebel. She showed that being different is nothing to be ashamed of and her music was so heartbreakingly beautiful it got her eight Grammy awards. It’s a shame her life ended so early, but Amy and her rebellious spirit will always live on in our memory.