10 New Asian Movies That Will Blow Your Mind

Asian movies are unusual, stunning, often weird, and most of the time highly controversial. But even the wildest Asian movies are always filled with exquisite elegance and style that is so evident in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cultures. What can we say, Asian movies aren’t for everyone, but we do love them nonetheless. Here we present you 10 new Asian movies that will blow your mind in 2018.



The Bold, The Corrupt, and The Beautiful
The name might seem quite self-explanatory, but you should understand that this Yang Ya-che movie is all about a powerful Taiwanese mafiosa at the head of an all-female family. To say that the movie is filled with passion, love, betrayal, and more emotions than you can fathom would be an understatement! While Yang Ya-che plays with the all-too-familiar male tropes of The Bold, The Corrupt, and The Beautiful, you will be enjoying a fresh take on all the usual plot twists of love affairs, murders, and intrigues.



Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds
We’re all curious about what happens in the Afterlife, and this movie is exactly about that. Fire-fighter Ja-hong dies during one of his calls and suddenly finds himself in the Afterlife. Greeted by three of his guardians, he’s about to undergo seven trials during 49 days, meet gods, go back in time to investigate his relationships with family members, and solve the mystery of the Vengeful Spirit that is attacking the world of the living. The movie is exactly what it sounds like – utterly exciting!


Bad Genius
Being a genius doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a good person. And even if you’re good, in this world of money, corruption, and temptations – how long can you survive without doing anything questionable? Lynn is a young genius who earns money by helping others cheat on tests in high school. She’s faced with a new proposal to do the biggest cheat of a lifetime for 1 million baht and go to Sydney to take the International STIC exam known for its difficulty. The exam is taken at the same time all over the world, but due to time difference she can take an exam in Sydney and then send the answers back to Thailand. Can she and her friends do it? The task is more dangerous than everyone thought!



Crazy Rich Asians
Rachel Chu, an economics teacher from New York, is faced with the challenge of a lifetime when she follows her boyfriend Nick to Singapore to his best friend’s wedding only to find out that he’s impossibly rich. That doesn’t seem like too big of a problem, right? But actually it’s much more than that! Rachel is faced with criticism and all kinds of ironic, funny, dramatic, and downright evil situations involving Nick’s family members and all those single women that were dreaming to be with the guy. Feeling lost in the upscale games of rich and famous, Rachel is learning more about herself and people than she thought possible.


If you’re up for a bunch of crazy plot-twists and a plotline so thick with suspense that it actually gets harder to breathe, then this movie is right up your alley. Jin-Seok was born with hypersensitivity, but with some medications he’s able to live an almost normal life. He moves into a new home with his older brother, mother, and father, but one night witnesses his brother being beaten and thrown into a van by a group of people. After excruciating 19 days, his brother returns home with no recollection of what happened and with memory wiped out clean. After some time, Jin-Seok notices that his brother seems to be a completely different person and everyone in his family is hiding something. Is it a trick played on him by his meds or something much more dangerous is going on? Like most Korean thrillers, expect this one to be brutal and deeply psychological.



The Princess and the Matchmaker
Being a princess is no easy task, especially when you’re destined to marry someone you don’t actually love. Princess Songwha is beautiful and stubborn, that’s why she takes it upon herself to find the perfect husband. She starts with the four men predicted to become her husbands by the Matchmaker. He is the only one who can determine whether her marriage will be successful or not. But is he actually telling the truth? This historic romcom will definitely make you smile more than once.


Love and Other Cults
Director Eiji Uchida comes back with yet another controversial glimpse into the psyche of human beings. This time his focus is on marginalized delinquents – losers, wannabe gangsters, young yakudzas, and what not. The narrative is thick, action-packed, bloodthirsty, bearing a hint of art-house, which makes it more than just another crazy film about Japanese kids. We don’t know whether you will like it or not, but this movie definitely won’t leave you indifferent.


Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead
The name is quite self-explanatory and that is exactly what the movie is about – vampires. What makes it special is that vampires are Asians and the whole plot is set in Ancient Korea. Detective K and his partner stumble upon a series of mysterious murders that involve a bunch of unusual corpses and a stunning lady. Definitely check out other of Detective K’s mysteries as this is just one enjoyable film out of the series!



Honnouji Hotel
Who doesn’t like an old-fashioned travel-back-in-time story? Especially when it involves Japanese history, a young gorgeous woman, and one of the most famous warlords, Oda Nobunaga. Based on an actual mystery, the infamous Hannouji accident, the story explores what could have happened during the Sengoku period and what role Mayuko, our sweet time traveller, had to play in all of this. The movie is filled with beautiful visuals, stunning costumes, and intricate plot twists that make it a real gem of a Japanese cinematography.


The Return
Malene Choi shot an elegant emotional movie based on her own experience being an adoptee. Young Karoline Sofie Lee comes to Seoul in search of her mother and stays at a place with other people just like her. Karoline befriends different strangers and questions the whole system that separates people from the places they came from – all shot in a semi-documentary style. It’s an exploration of what makes us who we are and makes it possible to connect between people. A moody film with beautiful visuals.