10 Reasons Why Emma Watson Completely Vanished After Harry Potter

J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books changed not only the lives of millions of readers, but also the careers of quite a few actors who participated in the movie franchise. Young actors like Rupert Grint, Daniel Radcliffe, and Emma Watson started filming when they were just teenagers and finished right on the brink of adulthood. But what happened to them afterwards? We know Emma decided to continue her English Literature studies and took part in a few indie films, including The Bling Ring and Perks of Being a Wallflower, but other than that she seems to have completely disappeared from the movie world. Has Hollywood finally dropped her? Here are 10 reasons why Emma Watson completely vanished after Harry Potter.



She doesn’t like to change
Emma Watson has been famous for her unwillingness to transform for the movie roles. Do you remember Natalie Portman shaving her own head in V for Vendetta? Like, in real life? And how about Charlize Theron gaining 30 pounds to play the Oscar-winning role of Aileen Wuornos in Monster? Not to mention Christian Bale dropping more than 60 pounds for his role in The Machinist. Emma Watson, though? The girl hardly changes her looks. The most we’ve seen her do is cut her hair short!



She doesn’t show off
This might have been a good thing, but when you are a celebrity being so secretive about your persona will do more harm than good. Let’s take the Kardashian clan and their life – these people are too revealing for their own good! But that’s exactly why they have a strong following and an even stronger social media presence that makes them a force to be reckoned with. From Barack Obama and Reese Witherspoon, who don’t like them, to Jennifer Anniston and Adele, who adore them, the Kardashians matter to people and have a say in the showbiz and that’s not something we can say about Emma. She’s reserved and will never be on tabloids for weird behavior Hollywood understands that, so maybe that’s the reason she’s not appearing in more movies?


She’s a diva
Many people from Emma’s surroundings admit she often acts like she’s above everyone else. That is so out of date! Yes, we admit showbiz is packed with celebrities acting like divas 24/7. From female divas like Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez to male ones like Russel Crowe and Kanye West, we see fame changing people every day. But this doesn’t mean you should be like them! Being humble, funny, and witty is the new trend in Hollywood these days. Fans also love actors and actresses that are more open. Yet it seems Emma Watson doesn’t really care about that at all!



She doesn’t really stand out
As much as we love Emma Watson, there are plenty of brilliant actresses her age that are much more popular than her. Why is that? Hollywood likes diversity and uniqueness, and so does the audience. Kristen Stewart, for instance, also comes from a famous Twilight franchise, but she didn’t disappear when it finished, continuing her career. There are also actresses like Emma Stone, Elle Fanning, Brie Larson, and Jennifer Lawrence who keep on acting and getting better. For some reason we keep seeing less of Emma Watson with each passing year. Either she doesn’t really care about her career or there’s always someone better than her for the role!


She doesn’t take risks
We’ve seen so many careers flourish after an unusual, often risky, choice of role. We’ve also seen many actors and actresses lose their acting mojo after a movie that went south. One thing we know for sure – you won’t get anywhere by sitting in the bubble that is your safety zone. Emma Watson seems to be doing just that! Ralph Fiennes took a huge risk with a comic role in The Grand Budapest Hotel, but it paid off in an incredible way. There are also The Razzies (Golden Raspberry Awards) that choose films with the most terrible acting. Celebs like Jamie Dornan, The Rock, and Halle Berry accepted these awards! We believe Emma needs to be more adventurous with her movie career, otherwise everyone will soon forget about her.



She ditched La La Land
We know, right? It’s hard to imagine someone other than Emma Stone playing the role of lovable Mia, but it could have easily been Emma Watson. So what happened? Insiders confess that Emma Watson was just too demanding and although producers were trying hard to find some common ground, in the end it was just impossible to work with her. She even wanted rehearsals to take place in London! All’s well that ends well, at least this was the case with Emma Stone and her Oscar-winning performance. Emma Watson, on the other hand, should sort out her priorities before proceeding with her acting career.


She’s lost interest in her fans
When’s the last time Emma Watson took a selfie with a fan? We can’t remember either! Being famous doesn’t mean you get distant from the people that support you. Fans are just as important as producers, co-workers, and press. You can make an outstanding film, but without the support of the fans it’s worth nothing! Tom Hanks did the loveliest thing once and offered his congratulations to the newlyweds he saw taking wedding photos. They did some selfies together, and then he just went away. Lady Gaga was kind enough to buy a huge amount of pizzas for the fans that were waiting for her. As to Emma Watson, she even refuses to take selfies with them, explaining that she values her private life too much.


She has a lot on her plate right now
We all know Emma Watson is a busy bee and has a lot going on in her life. She’s really happy with becoming a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador and believes this is one of the most important things one can do in life. Fighting for women’s right means a lot to her and she connects to that kind of activity on a deep level. She also enjoys her studies greatly. So much, in fact, that she took a two year break from pursuing her acting career! We get all that, we truly do, but if acting is not something you are absolutely passionate about – then why do it at all? Producers might be feeling the same way and soon they’ll stop contacting her about new movies. You need to work hard if you want to stay in Hollywood!



She’s gotten distant from the press
Whether you love them or hate them, paparazzi and journalists are among the most important people when it comes to building a career. Most people don’t like to admit it, but interacting with them is an essential part of a celebrity’s everyday life. It’s in the celeb’s best interests to promote his or her movie, smile, while showing off a pretty dress to gain a little bit of that extra attention, and just be polite in general. Rumor has it that Emma Watson has been really cold with the press, even on the red carpet. She’s very secretive and never wants to talk to journalists, even when it concerns her own movies. That is simply not good for your acting career!


Maybe that’s it?
It’s true that Hollywood is quick to forget a pretty face, but maybe this time it’s the other way round? What if Emma is the one who’s gotten tired of all the acting and action surrounding her acting career? We’ve seen actors getting away from Hollywood before, so she wouldn’t be the first and she certainly wouldn’t be the last one to do this. Jack Gleeson who played King Joffrey in Game of Thrones decided to go on with his studies right at the beginning of his career. Sean Connery, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Cameron Diaz also didn’t want to wait for their fame to fade out and willingly stepped out of the spotlight. Is this the case with Emma Watson? We’ll have to wait and see.