10 Rules Kanye Makes Kim Follow

You can think and say whatever you want about Kanye West, he doesn’t care, he knows he’s a genius. And as any respectable genius, he has some quirks to his character and pretty interesting ideas about how one should live their life. The funny thing is, his ideas and rules for life don’t only apply to him, he has some very specific guidelines and instructions for those who surround him too. For example, did you know he’s adamant about the air temperature in his house? It has to be cold enough to comfortably wear a hoodie. He also has a rule that his clothes should be washed separately from everyone else’s, even if they’re the same color His bodyguards are only allowed to wear black and aren’t allowed to talk to his wife. In fact, one of them apparently got fired for striking up a conversation with Kim. Speaking of Kim, let’s take a look at some of the rules Kanye makes Kim follow.



1. No Phones At The Table
Let’s start with one of the most reasonable rules that Kanye has for Kim – no phones at the table. He doesn’t want her to be scrolling through Instagram or Twitter, posting anything to Snapchat, texting or taking any calls. Whenever they’re out for a meal together, her phone should stay tucked away in her purse or her coat jacket, or wherever, as long as it’s not on the table and she’s not using it. Kanye wants them to be in the moment and enjoy each other’s company when they eat.



2. No Talking To Ex-Boyfriends
Most of us aren’t exactly elated at the idea of our partners talking to their exes, but if it’s necessary or it’s just an innocent hello, we’re ok with that. But Kanye is absolutely steadfast in his belief that Kim should have absolutely no contact or communication with any of her exes. We shudder to think what his reaction would be if Kim were to break this rule, but lucky for him she seems absolutely happy to follow it.

3. Friends Need To Be Approved First
Apparently, Kim isn’t allowed to hang out with anyone Kanye doesn’t approve of. What’s his logic behind this? It’s hard to tell, but it seems very limiting. However, Kim is lucky she has a huge family and a lot of sisters and now 3 kids that she can hang out with 24/7.



4. No Makeup At Home
When Kim Kardashian is out and about in public, she’s hardly ever seen without makeup. On the contrary, she usually has a full face of makeup, with perfectly contoured cheeks and nose, false lashes, brows and eyeliner on point and a lot of bronzer and enough highlighter to blind the haters. But when she’s alone with Kanye, he wants her to be completely barefaced, not even a swipe of concealer.

5. Maternity Style Check
We all remember how Kim was mocked for her outfits when she was pregnant the first time around. Well, when she got pregnant with her second child Kanye decided enough was enough and took her wardrobe under his control. He wasn’t going to put up with his baby mama being mocked, so he was completely in charge of her style throughout the pregnancy. We’ve got to admit she did look way more stylish, but those skin-tight outfits and heels couldn’t possibly be comfortable for someone who’s constantly growing in size and carrying a new baby in their tummy.



6. Wardrobe Supervision
Apparently, it’s not just maternity clothes that Kanye has control over. He also keeps a close eye on Kim’s everyday wardrobe too. He makes sure she doesn’t buy or wear anything cheesy or tacky. And you know, it seems to work. You can clearly see a change in Kim’s style ever since she got together with Kanye. She says she’s happy to follow his rules and when she looks at pictures of herself a while back she cringes at some of her fashion choices.

7. Wedding Secrets
When they were getting married Kim was sworn to secrecy by Kanye. We’re sure that being the social media queen that she is, Kim wanted to tell everyone about her awesome wedding plans, but Kanye forbid it, so she couldn’t tell anyone where they were getting married. Even their wedding invitations were misleading, they said the location was in Paris. So when the guests showed up, it was a huge surprise for them to be flown to Florence, Italy, where the ceremony took place.

8. Baby Surprise
Kanye’s need for secrecy goes so far that he even prohibited Kim from finding out the gender of her second baby. And if the doctors slipped up and accidentally revealed the gender of the baby to Kim, she was still told to keep it a secret and not tell anyone, not even her family or friends. So no one knew for sure, up until the moment the baby was born.



9. All Eyes On Him
It’s not a secret Kanye is a bit of an ego-maniac, so when he’s performing on stage he expects all eyes to be on him, and that includes Kim. An incident once occurred where paparazzi took pictures of Kim texting during Kanye’s show, and Kanye made a huge deal about it. Since then he’s instructed her to keep her eyes on him for the whole show, and she does, so not to upset her husband.

10. No Reality TV Spin-offs
Kanye likes his privacy and if he had it his way, Kim wouldn’t be on Keeping Up With The Kardashians anymore. But he knows this is a huge source of income, so he deals with it, even though Kanye himself rarely appears on the show. Reality TV really isn’t his style. He also prohibited Kim from appearing on any sort of Keeping Up With Kardashians spin-offs.