10 Short Male Celebs That Still Make Us Swoon

Everyone has their celebrity crush. Are you more of a Channing or McConaughey girl? But sometimes, the less statuesque male stars of Hollywood are overlooked, even though they’re just as handsome! Here are the sexiest and shortest celebs of 2017 that we can’t keep our eyes off.



1. Dave Franco – At just 5’7, this younger Franco brother is still debatably the hotter one. The star of “Neighbours” has the same goofy smile as his brother, but may be even hotter. Even if we had to stoop down to kiss him, we would!



2. Kevin Hart – A sense of humor can add infinite heights to a man. And this one needs it, clocking in at 5’4. But his confidence and that pearly smile make us look past our need for the “tall” in tall, dark and handsome.

3. Josh Hutcherson – This 5’7 pretty boy starred in “The Hunger Games”, and even with the stunning Jennifer Lawrence towering above him at red carpet events, Hutcherson definitely holds his own, and so does that yummy lil’ jawline.



4. Elijah Wood – You probably remember this 5’6, wide-eyed cutie from Lord of the Rings, and he is pretty much every petite girl’s dream come true. I mean, those baby blues, honestly. With such a soulful expression, does it really matter if he played a hobbit?

5. Daniel Radcliffe – He’s not ashamed of his 5’5 height. He has said, ”I could play a soldier. The minimum height for a marine if give feet, and I’m well above that”. If you’ve heard of the play “Equus” that he starred in fully nude, you’ll quickly realize he has quite a lot of confidence.



6. Bruno Mars – Bruno Mars is such a shawty – and no pun intended. He’s 5’5 but his unique multicultural look and fabulous hair make him a popular heartthrob amongst all the ladies, short and tall. Plus, bae can really sing.

7. Kanye West – If musician baes are your thing, but Bruno isn’t exactly your type, then 5’6 Kanye probably is! His DGAF style and bombshell wife prove that his height hasn’t hindered his success whatsoever.

8. Mark Wahlberg – His reputation as a tough guy supersedes his reputation as a short guy. I mean, have you seen “The Departed”? Sometimes a 5’8, compact package is better than a bulky one – those tight Marky Mark vintage abs definitely make us think so.



9. Lil Wayne – A tatted up gangster who raps is very sexy, regardless of if he is on the shorter side of the spectrum (5’5 to be precise). If anything, it makes Weezy more endearing. His lyrical artistry makes him a poet, and what lady doesn’t want to be serenaded?

10. Jon Stewart – Yup, had to include our 5’7 political bae too. This suited up cutie is your favorite ex-talk show host, and we’ve never seen such a beautiful silver fox. And he has the brains to boot! Too bad he’s married.