10 Stars Who Look Nothing Like When They First Started

All people change as time passes by – that’s something that happens to both stars and us, mere mortals. Yet many celebrities try to fight those changes and often go to great lengths in order to look like they used to at the beginning of their career. Ironically, that is exactly what makes some of those stars look weird and sometimes quite unrecognizable. While aging with grace would have been the most ideal outcome for modern celebrities, many of them decide to do plastic surgery to get their youth back. Alas, aging is unavoidable for superstars as much as it is for everyone else. Here are 10 celebrities who look nothing like they used to back in the day.



John Travolta
John Travolta is a true superstar that will be remembered for generations to come. Both actors and viewers look up to him, remembering all his amazing roles in Pulp Fiction, Grease, Saturday Night Fever, Look Who’s Talking, and many others. He used to be such a handsome guy! Yet if you look at John Travolta nowadays it’s hard not to notice that something’s really off. He’s gone through a whole lot of plastic surgeries that have changed his face negatively.

Renee Zellweger
Renee Zellweger is one of the most gorgeous and respected actresses of her generation. At least that used to be the case. After outstanding movies like Chicago, Cold Mountain, and the Bridget Jones series, the actress disappeared for some time and didn’t take part in any movies. When she resurfaced in 2014 and graced the red carpet with her presence, everyone was taken aback by how much her face has changed. She looks like a totally different woman!

Carrot Top
Carrot Top has made an incredibly successful man out of himself and that’s something not many comics can boast. He has the ability to make people laugh no matter where he goes using his weird and often hilarious props. He even became a movie star for a short time with his role in Chairman of the Board. Nevertheless, he too succumbed to the fear of aging and now not many people will recognize him with all the newly-acquired muscles and weirdly shaped face. Yet, he still has his famous red hair, so you won’t pass him by on a street without at least a hint of recognition.



Goldie Hawn
Goldie Hawn turned each role she was given into a true masterpiece. She fascinated the viewers with her gorgeous golden locks and bright blue eyes, as well as her amazing performances. She looked truly stunning in movies like Private Benjamin, Shampoo, Bird on a Wire, Overboard, Death Becomes Her, and Cactus Flower, yet her face has changed significantly during the last decade. Right now the actress is almost impossible to recognize!

Courteney Cox
Courteney Cox’s career and life changed forever when she was cast to play Monica in the show that was destined for success. Millions of people have become devoted fans of Friends and the show doesn’t seem to get any less popular with the passing years. That probably makes it even harder for the main cast because they get to see the younger versions of themselves all the time. Courtney Cox also went under the knife trying to slow down the aging process. It didn’t help her much, though.



Sylvester Stallone
Sylvester Stallone is among those stars who just couldn’t bear the thought of aging, so he had do something about it. Although appearance is the least thing he needed to worry about with the roles he was taking, Sylvester Stallone underwent a series of plastic surgeries that really changed his face. We are still wondering why he did it! Sylvester Stallone became known (and loved) for his roles in movies like Demolition Man, Cliffhanger, Cop Land, Driven, Antz, and of course the Rocky and Rambo franchises. Everyone loved him for his performances, muscles and fighting skills, not for the smooth skin on his face. Yet, Stallone is one of those stars who just couldn’t age gracefully.

Meg Ryan
All the 90s kids remember just how gorgeous Meg Ryan looked in all the movies she took part in. Top Gun, When Harry Met Sally, Innerspace, Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail – she was the cutest romcom star ever! And while at that time she was among America’s most beloved actresses along with gorgeous Julia Roberts, right now Meg Ryan is really hard to recognize. Plastic surgery seems to have taken away her once natural cute features.



Lil’ Kim
It’s hard for women to become truly successful within the rap scene, but Lil’ Kim is among the few performers who managed to pave the way for all the future female rap artists. Her career sky rocketed after her debut album “Hard Core” came out in 1996. We also remember how gorgeous she looked in “Lady Marmalade” rocking beautiful lingerie like the superstar that she was. Right now she looks nothing like the star that we fell in love with back in the day.

Dolly Parton
Dolly Parton is one of the most successful singers in the U.S. In fact, she was so successful that she even managed to build a whole theme park bearing her name – the amazing Dollywood. It’s been running for more than 50 years now with thousands of people attending its attractions. Dolly Parton has released around 41 albums along with 110 singles that have topped country music charts for decades. So much success made it stressful for Dolly Parton to age, so she underwent a series of semi-successful plastic surgeries. Her face has really changed over the last few years!



Mickey Rourke
This is probably one of the most devastating transformations from this whole list. Mickey Rourke used to be such a heartthrob with movies like 9 ½ Weeks, Diner, The Pope of Greenwich Village, Rumble Fish, Year of the Dragon, Barfly, and Angel Heart. After that his career hit a wall and he decided to become a boxer for whatever good it did him. He got punched in the face more than enough and now we see the results of that. Plastic surgeries did him more harm than good and now his face is a real mess.