10 Surprising Facts About Amy Schumer You Didn’t Know

The phenomenon that is Amy Schumer has been taking our hearts (and all of our laughs) by storm. She is a confident, outspoken, beautiful and funny woman who has been redefining the meaning of comedy and female comedy in particular for a few years now. You might know her for her hit show Inside Amy Schumer or her work on the movie Trainwreck or maybe even her book, The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo. Do you want to hear more about this hurricane of a woman? Here we go!



1. Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer are basically best friends
JLaw made the first move on their relationship when she sent Schumer an email praising her for her movie Trainwreck. Emailing turned into texting and just like a modern-day fairytale these two began hanging out. They take ski trips together and break the Internet with their adorable Instagrams. Best friend goals.
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2. Schumer was born into a wealthy family
Up until the age of nine Schumer was living out our best Gossip Girl fantasies. Guys, she was literally living on the Upper East Side of New York City. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out for her dad and he had to file for bankruptcy when Amy was nine. The comedian experienced both a rich life and poor life.
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3. She is outspoken about her political preferences
This girl makes sure her opinions are heard. She was a Hillary Clinton supporter during this election season and she was heartbroken to see her candidate lose. This doesn’t mean she stopped fighting for equality and women’s rights!



4. Her home is incredible
Amy is a proud owner for a beautiful penthouse located in New York City. The approximate cost of the place was about $12 million. Can we just take a moment and be happy for the girl? Purchasing a $12 million dollar penthouse is a big step!

5. Contrary to what people say she is actually size 6.
The actress has been very body positive from day one. A lot of tabloids keep calling her a ‘plus-size’ woman when in reality she is a basic size 6 (plus size clothing starts with size 16). If we may add – she is beautiful no matter what.



6. Sketch comedy did not appear in her life until 2012
You might know her as a talented sketch comedy writer when in reality she was mostly doing acting up until 2012. She was as hilarious as she is now before the year 2012 but she started officially writing only 4 years ago!
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7. People love her
This is not a surprise but Times magazine confirmed it: many people know and listen to Amy Schumer. In 2015 she was one of Times’ 100 Most Influential People. She was only 34 years old. Wow.
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8. She gets her energy from within
Amy meditates a lot and, brace yourself, she avoids caffeine at all costs. So no, unfortunately you won’t see her at coffee shops much but if you do – please ask her how she does everything without even a sip of coffee?
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9. She keeps her family close
Amy hired her sister, Kim Schumer, to be her assistant. Sister love goes a long way and Kim got promoted to be a writer on Inside Amy Schumer. Together these two are conquering the world of comedy. Way to go!
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10. The TV show Girls could have been so different
Yes, Schumer auditioned for Girls! Can you imagine adding her to the wonderful trio we all came to love and care for? Do you think that Schumer would have been a better choice for the role of Shoshanna? Tell us your opinion in the comments below!
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