10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Bachelor Winner Vanessa Grimaldi

After the finale of The Bachelor many of us were still wondering about this girl. Is there something we don’t know about her? What is she really like in real life? We’ve seen her act differently on various occasions, but TV is one thing and real life is completely different. If you are a major Bachelor fan, these 10 surprising facts will definitely excite you.



She loves her family
Despite the fact that Vanessa’s parents are divorced, she really loves them both and is keen on building a family of her own. Vanessa has a brother named Patrick and a sister Melissa. They all have a tradition of meeting every Sunday for lunch. Vanessa hopes to keep this tradition alive no matter what.



She’s fond of exercises
Yes, Vanessa is a real gym rat! Well, we’ve all seen her gorgeous body and things like that don’t just happen on their own. Nevertheless, if you happen to visit Vanessa’s Instagram, you’ll see just how fond she is of workout and various exercises. She’s a real inspiration!

She adores kids
On the pic you can see Vanessa hanging out with her nephew. She doesn’t have kids of her own, but she loves them very much and is patient enough to become an amazing mom. On her Instagram you can see lots of pics with her nephew and other family members. She really likes being around her loved ones!



She’s a real foodie
While being totally obsessed with workout, Vanessa also likes her food very much. She’s a fan of burgers, pizza and other Italian classics like panettone. She also likes trying new things and sharing her findings via social media.

She has 2 weird phobias
Vanessa is actually scared of sharks and…bees! It’s funny that a person who is fond of adrenaline-packed activities like skydiving is afraid of something as small as a bee. Yet it’s completely understandable as no one likes to be stung by bees. And sharks are pretty horrifying too if you want our opinion.



Her most romantic present is a promise ring
Vanessa revealed that the most romantic present that she’s ever received was a promise ring – and it wasn’t the one from Nick! Rumor has it that Vanessa has been in a long-term relationship that ended long before the show, so we can only speculate that the ring was from her ex. But maybe now she’ll change her mind?

Her lucky charm is a dog
Vanessa owns a part-poodle that she loves to bits. We mentioned earlier that Vanessa is great with kids, but guess what – she’s great with animals too! Her Instagram is filled with photos of her and her dog fooling around. It’s super cute!

Her and Nick’s birthdays are really close
In fact, they are just three days apart! Is this just a coincidence or maybe it’s some kind of fate that brought these people together? The fact that their birthdays were so close to each other was revealed on Jimmy Kimmel show.



Vanessa is really sensitive
She is always considerate about other people’s feelings and tries not to hurt anyone no matter what happens. Although we’ve seen Vanessa acting blunt and saying what was on her mind, she is also a very sensitive person who tries to be as gentle as possible. She just wants for everyone to be happy!

If Vanessa was a vegetable, she would be an… onion!
Yes you’ve heard that right! Vanessa gave this quirky answer during an interview and later explained that the onion is a staple food which can be found throughout the whole year. Her answer is funny and creative and shows just how smart she is!