10 TV Characters We Wish Were Real

How many times have you thought to yourself ‘I just wish I could talk to Rachel right now’, or any other character from your favorite TV show. Sometimes (or rather, most of the times) we get so addicted to TV show characters that we can’t even consider living our lives without them. They become natural parts of our everyday activities and more often than not we find ourselves asking questions like ‘What would Ross do?’ or ‘Would Veronica Mars go there?’ without even noticing. And while some people may consider that strange, truth is, it happens to many people. We just wish we could be friends with those awesome characters in real life. Here are 10 TV characters we all wish were real.



Mindy Lahiri (The Mindy Project)
While Mindy Kaling pretty much based Mindy Lahiri on her own life, there are lots of subtle differences that make the TV Mindy a truly unforgettable character. She would be such a cool person to hang out with! She’s smart, has great taste in pop culture, loves junk food and knows where to get the best take-out. She’s also a bit of a plus size and is proud of the way she looks. She’s an inspiring character and we wish we could chat with her in real life!

The Halliwell Sisters (Charmed)
The girls from ‘Charmed’ had superpowers to fight all kinds of evil, but apart from that they were leading ‘normal’ lives and had all the usual problems all women have – boyfriends, studies, clothes, makeup. Looking at them we realized that being a witch is tough but is also a lot of fun! Wouldn’t it be great if you could just stop by for a cup of coffee and a few spells?

The Winchester Brothers (Supernatural)
Wouldn’t it just be cool if these two were actually traveling all over the States fighting evil like there’s no tomorrow? Not only are they good-looking guys, they are also brothers and best friends, and it would be really nice to hang out with them, grab a beer or two and maybe show that weird-looking demon who’s the boss here. Well, we can dream, right?



Daenerys (Game of Thrones)
First of all, who wouldn’t want to be friends with a girl who has dragons? It’s the best thing ever! She’s also smart, beautiful, and magic, and will probably become the ruler of the whole world someday. If Dany was real, you could chat about guys all night long while sipping on delicious wine, and then hop on a dragon and just enjoy the amazing views. Plus, she could teach you how to be a gorgeous khaleesi and that’s a skill any girl could use.

Lorelai and Rory Gilmore (Gilmore Girls)
You can’t wish Rory to be real and not wish the same for her unbelievable mom. These two are just amazing! Rory has been an almost exemplary teen during the first season of the show. She’s been through a lot, but she still remained a cool kid who did great both at college and in ‘real life’. And her dating experience is just crazy! It would be so much fun to be friends with her! And her mom, Lorelai, is equally amazing. She can turn shopping into a hilarious game and you can ask her about anything if you need advice.



Harvey Specter (Suits)
There’s an abundance of smart handsome men on TV these days, but Harvey Specter is probably the smartest and sassiest of them all. He might not be such a good friend in reality (because he’s not that good of a friend on screen either), but he’s still an amazing person to hang out with. You could learn all kinds of wicked lawyer tricks from him and maybe become an aggressively successful lawyer yourself! Because that’s what Harvey is – brilliant, daring, successful, and incredibly handsome. Just imagine what it would be like to go on a date with such a guy!

The Doctor (Doctor Who)
Some fans might argue that Doctor Who IS real and there’s no doubt that he’s roaming the Universe in his vintage blue police box saving all kinds of aliens and rescuing humans. Whether that is true or not, it would still be amazing if he just appeared one day at your doorstep, offering all the wonders of the Universe and some more. It’s never boring to travel with the Doctor and you’ll get to see suns, stars and hundreds of amazing worlds.



Eleven (Stranger Things)
This cute girl really stole the spotlight this season. The show itself was a brilliant mix of all things creepy and mysterious, but there were also a lot of cute and lovely moments, most of them connected to Eleven and a bunch of young friends who helped her go under the radar when she escaped the evil scientists. This girl was so strong, yet so fragile when it came to human interactions. You could feel that she needed a strong female presence in her life. Wouldn’t it be great to actually meet her and become friends? Then you could bake as many waffles as possible!

Carrie Bradshaw
Carrie would have been such an amazing person to know in real life. We know she’s not perfect, but that’s what makes her even more interesting. Just imagine all the things you could talk about – boys, friends, dating, clothes and shoes. Yes, especially the shoes! Maybe you could eve borrow some of her breathtaking heels from time to time. Carrie is also a real expert in all things concerning relationships, so if you ever needed advice, she would gladly give it to you!



Rachel Green
Who doesn’t like Rachel? Many of us have grown up watching Friends and even more of us have fallen in love with her (boys AND girls). Yes, that’s right! It’s impossible not to have a girl crush on her because, come on – Rachel is a funny, witty and lovable person that really cares about her friends. And that’s the best thing ever! She would do anything for Phoebe, Monica and the boys, and that’s something we all admire about her. Wouldn’t it be great to have Rachel as your best friend?