10 Ugly Actors We All Have A Crush On

There are some famous men that just make our heart skip a beat. But not all of them are actually your classic definition of a heartthrob. Cause seriously, the male celebs we’re going to be talking about today can’t really be called handsome and gorgeous in a conventional sense. They’re not your regular hotties, but we love them either way.



1. Hugh Laurie
We all fell in love with Hugh Laurie when he played the very sarcastic, slightly sociopathic, yet brilliant doctor House. It’s a strange thing to have happened. After all it’s hard to tell what made him so likable since he didn’t look particularly hot on that show. And he’s played a lot more nice characters and no one ever considered him a heartthrob then. However, as soon as he started shouting insults right and left, acquired a limp and became a genius of medicine he became a sex-symbol of sorts.

2. Adrian Brody
His nose is too long, his lips too thin, and his face has a weird shape to it. His eyebrows are almost always frozen in that concerned expression and his eyes seem to always look sad and full of sorrow. Is that why we love him? Yeah, probably. We just can’t say no to sad puppy eyes.

3. Benedict Cumberbatch
Benedict Cumberbatch has millions of fans around the world, women go crazy over him. But why? He’s been an actor for a very long time, he’s been in multiple movies and plays, and yet no one ever thought to call him pretty or beautiful (which hurts me on a personal level, because I think he’s gorgeous). And then Sherlock happened. It seems like being a sarcastic sociopath genius is the key to becoming a sex symbol. Or perhaps it had something to do with well tailored skin tight suits he wore and those perfect curls, and cheekbones you can could cut yourself on? Who cares. Brainy truly is the new sexy.

4. Vincent Cassel
There’s something evil and dark and devilish about Cassel, isn’t there? Like his features aren’t perfect, aren’t symmetrical, yet you just can’t look away. Perhaps it’s his eyes that draw you in. Or maybe it’s his french charm. Either way this man is a women magnet.

5. Danny Trejo
Every character Trejo plays seems to be a simple Mexican guy who’s not really that bright. And yet he’s so cool! Tattoos, bikes, machete – all these things seem to be quintessential Danny Trejo. And the best part of all this is that it’s not an act, he really seems to be like that in real life too.

6. Javier Bardem
Have you ever looked at Javier Bardem and though he reminds you of someone? Was that someone the Beast from the Beauty and the Beast? I mean look at that humongous nose. It’s like a vacuum cleaner that will just hoover you right up. That’s a bit harsh, I know, but that man has got the golden heart of a prince. He’s got those warm kind eyes that will make you love him.

7. Mark Anthony
Let’s be honest ladies, this guy looks a bit creepy, doesn’t he? I mean he’s just got some creepy features. And yet Jay Lo’s been married to this man for 10 whole years. What was it that attracted her to him? I’ll never know, but hey, his singing is pretty good. Perhaps he warms his way into women’s hearts with his music.

8. Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig also known as Bond, James Bond, has become quite a sex symbol after he took on the role of the famous spy. Before that he was just an actor. I mean look at his face. He looks like a regular guy you wouldn’t look twice at when walking down the street. So I’m 90 % sure it’s the character of James Bond that makes him so appealing to women. You know, the perfectly tailored suit, the charm, the accent, that scene where he’s emerging from the ocean looking like a Greek god and the fact that he’s James freaking Bond makes him hella sexy.

9. Tim Roth
Tim Roth has got a pretty strange face. His nose in particular has very weirdly protruding shape. However, he’s a brilliant actor and seems to be a human chameleon. No role is a challenge for him. Tim can literally play anyone and be brilliant at it. It’s truly a mystery to me how he can play such different characters yet he does. He just transforms into whatever role he got in a movie. It’s pretty magical and we love him for it.

10. Alan Rickman
Ok, we’ve got to agree that objectively, from just looking at Alan Rickman, no one would find him attractive. His face just isn’t attractive in any way shape or form. But as soon as this man starts to speak we go a bit weak at the knees. That voice just does things to women. Such a low baritone, combined with an English accent, witty sense of humor and charming personality makes him irresistible. And that is why we all love Alan Rickman truly, madly, deeply. Plus, he’ll forever be our favorite Professor Severus Snape. Always.