11 Presidents of the USA Who Were Ridiculously Hot When They Were Young

Nowadays, Obama is the main presidential heart-throb, but before him were a plethora of other presidents that were equally chiseled and that we would also be down to go on a date or two with. Here are our favorite presidential hotties – who is your pick?



1. Teddy Roosevelt
OMG. Sometimes people peak when they’re younger, and Teddy Roosevelt is a pretty good example of this. Why wasn’t this hunky version carved onto Mount Rushmore? Such boyish handsomeness.

2. JFK
I mean, is this really a surprise? Old JFK was hot, and young JFK was somehow even hotter. A classic American jock. The tragedy of the whole situation which still left him relatively frozen in youth makes it even more romantic and sad.



3. H.W Bush
Bush’s dad was definitely hotter than Bush, though it’s hard to deny that both of them are so brunette babes, regardless of your opinion of their character. I mean the bone structure and those lips…that Yale sweater on those broad shoulders. If Young Dad Bush asked us out, we would probably have said yes, TBH.



4. James Garfield
You might not remember James Garfield as one of the most famous presidents of the US, but his moody gaze and sexy eyes along with this bedhead makes him a teenage heart-throb in our books.

5. Barrack Obama
A recent and welcome addition of diversity to this list, Obama was a mega hottie in college, and is somehow even hotter as an adult. We don’t know many other men that would look that gorgeous in a mini afro. Young Obama was super chill, and fly. No surprise there.



6. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Young Franklin Delano Roosevelt is giving us some serious Ryan Gosling vibes here with his low-key pout, and also happened to play a vital role in ending World War II. But judging from this young picture of him he also could have been an Abercrombie model.

7. Gerald Ford
It might be a bit of a cheat since Ford was literally a model – he’s also the epitome of the American quarterback. Those pictures of him playing football are giving us some true feels.



8. Ronald Reagan
The 40th president of the United States may not be a fan favorite, but it’s undeniable that Reagan was kind of a hottie back in the day. Those arms, am I right? Well, he was once an actor…with that Blue Steel gaze, we’re not really that surprised.

9. Richard Nixon
That boyish curly hair ,a young sportsman out on the field and mischievous smirk…who would have thought he would have such a notorious reputation years later? Either way, those presidential candidates with their football shots really get us every time.

10. Woodrow Wilson
Woodrow Wilson was hot in a smarmy, annoying, fraternity sense. If clean-shaven guys that you can have banter (that you might get offended by at some point), then this guy might be kind of hot to you. But also, he didn’t learn how to read till he was 10 so you could always make fun of him for that.



11. Rutherford Hayes
Dang. If we were around in the 1800’s, we would be into Rutherford. He’s giving us some Wuthering Heights fantasies right now, and we’re totally cool with it. We’re hard pressed to find a lady that isn’t into these looks and yummy brown eyes.