12 Celebrity Couples That We Never Saw Coming

Beautiful people are meant to be with like-minded beautiful people, right? Not all the time. Sometimes, opposites really do attract, and what the heart wants isn’t what anyone else would expect in a million years. Sometimes people from totally different worlds make the best couples. Here are some celeb couples that shacked up and made our jaw drop.



1. Selena Gomez & The Weeknd
This must be pretty weird for Bella Hadid – but more importantly, who would have thought that ex-Disney vixen Selena Gomez would be seen cozying up to the bad boy of the R&B world? That one leaked photo left us with so many questions…



2. Kendall Jenner & A$AP Rocky
We already know that ASAP Rocky has a history of models being his type (Chanel Iman, anyone?), but no one could have guessed that the most normal and balanced Kardashian-Jenner would go for a rapper like Mr. Rocky. Well, they both do have some pretty badass style.

3. Jennifer Lawrence & Darren Aronofsky
Huh? The wildly creative and renowned director of Black Swan and Requiem For A Dream and goofy blond starlet J.Law? The age difference is surprising, as is the union of these two, but she adorably called him a ‘visionary’ in an interview, and we’re rooting for team Dennifer!



4. Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian
This one came as a total shock – these two come from totally different worlds (Reddit champion and tennis champion) but appeared to be madly in love as Serena shared a gushing IG post featuring her new engagement ring. She even posted a poem about his proposal on Reddit. Aw.

5. Michael Sheen and Sarah Silverman
Since Michael Sheen’s ex was the dainty Kate Beckinsale, it would seem unexpected to some that he would be in a relationship with a comedian as crass as she is beautiful, Sarah Silverman. But he’s a lucky guy – talk about dating someone with a good sense of humor!



6. Prince Harry & Meghan Markle
We wonder if Price Harry was a fan of “Suits” before he met Ms. Markle. This relationship hasn’t come without a heavy dose of criticism and controversy. But these lovebirds have made it through that strife, even though Megan was treated atrociously, and Prince Harry said how “deeply disappointed” he was that he couldn’t shield her from harassment.

7. Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna
This union is certainly a result of reality television culture, and we hate to say that giddily obsessed with it, but we are. From their insane TV series to the bizarre way that the two know each other (baby sister’s boyfriend’s baby mama), this relationship had us shaking out heads from the start.



8. Lady Gaga & Taylor Kinney
The performance artist known as Gaga who used to wear raw meat to award shows toned down her wild side a huge amount once she cozied up to sexy “American Horror Story” co-star Taylor Kinney. Now that the two aren’t together anymore, do you think that she regrets going more conservative?

9. Mary-Kate Olsen & Olivier Sarkozy
This is a couple that we tried to say “aww” about, but still sort of shudder and get a weird father-daughter feeling when we look at them together. The petite and ever-youthful Mary-Kate somehow fell for the brother of Nicolas Sarkozy, and they got married at a bizarre ceremony with bowls of cigarettes. Oh, France.



10. Macaulay Culkin & Mila Kunis
These two actually dated for centuries in Hollywood time, but they didn’t last. We must say that we don’t think Mila has a type – how do you go from “Home Alone” to Ashton Kutcher? We’d say she dodged a bullet with this one.

11. Christina Hendricks & Geoffrey Arend
Definitely one of those couples where you think, “how did that guy land that bombshell?” The flawless “Mad Men” redhead and the geeky looking actor wed years ago, and Hedricks often gushes about him in interviews, talking about how he wooed her, and how lucky she is.



12. Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen
The crazy, tiny redhead from Wedding Crashers and the ridiculous Ali G fell madly in love and wed in 2010. But apparently she participates in his pranks and smuggled his costume into an award show, so maybe these two really were meant to be.