12 Co-Stars That Didn’t Get Along

When watching movies we often tend to believe that the actors get on just as well as their characters do. And while sometimes that’s true, and it probably makes playing the part easier and more fun, there are cases when actors just don’t get along at all. It’s a bit disappointing for us, but at the same time it’s even more impressive because you’d never be able to tell on screen. So let’s take a look at 12 co-stars who didn’t actually get along.



1. Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling
They might’ve played sappy lovers in the Notebook, but when they weren’t filming they would constantly bicker and fight. The director of Notebook said it was the strangest thing, they had great chemistry on screen, but as soon as the cameras stopped rolling they reverted back to hating each other. We all know that eventually they got over their differences and even dated briefly, before reverting back to hating each other’s guts.



2. Alyssa Milano and Shannen Doherty
Did you watch Charmed? Then you’re probably familiar with the three sisters who were also witches and their powers only grew stronger when they worked together. Well, turns out it wasn’t all love on the set. Alyssa Milano and Shannen Doherty didn’t get along at all. In fact, Alyssa Milano later said that being on set felt like being back in high-school, with how Shannon was behaving. It got to a point where Shannon left the show and it’s still unclear whether she just left or if she was fired.

3. Blake Lively And Leighton Meester
These two played best friends on Gossip Girl. Sure, even on the show their characters occasionally had some fights and misunderstandings, but they always ended up sorting out their differences and staying friends. Well, unfortunately GG fans, Blake and Leighton had no such luck in real life. They didn’t get along, and rumor has it they haven’t even spoken to each other since the show ended.



4. Sarah Jessica Parker And Kim Cattrall
Everyone watched Sex and The City, that show was incredible. But did you know that in real life, the lead ladies weren’t as tight as their characters? In fact, there’s always been rumors that SJP and Kim Cattrall don’t get along. Apparently it all started because SJP was earning more than her co-stars, but we’ll never know the truth, since both ladies have either stayed mute about the matter, or denied the rumors.

5. Teri Hatcher and the Desperate Housewives
If you watched Desperate Housewives you probably wish all those ladies would became best friends in real life, but it turns out Teri Hatcher just didn’t fit in the group. The reason for that is unknown, but apparently she just didn’t make friends with anyone and was often called the loner of the group. You’d think that would be enough drama, but she also had some sort of a feud with Marcia Cross.



6. Ariana Grande and Victoria Justice
These girls seemed very close on the show, but their relationship in real life got a bit awkward after a certain article came out, in which Ariana talked about being bullied on the show. The way things were phrased everyone got the impression that Ariana was talking about Victoria. And then Victoria said that it wasn’t about her in fact, and that Ariana texted her to clarify that her words got twisted by the media. Who do we believe and what’s the truth here? We’ll probably never know, but we can all agree that’s a very awkward situation.

7. Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey
Dirty Dancing is a classic for a reason. The chemistry just seemed so real it was almost palpable, but did you know that in real life the actors couldn’t have been further from being in love? In fact, in one of his interviews Patrick admitted that it was quite frustrating working with Jennifer, because she’s often have silly moods and giggle and cry on the set, especially during the dancing scenes. He also revealed that some of the scenes in the movie where Johnny teaches Baby how to dance were just shots of them rehearsing and genuinely being frustrated.



8. Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes
Leo and Claire got to play the most romantic couple in history – Romeo and Juliet. Yes, it was a sort of strange adaptation, but still, it’s Shakespeare. One would think such intense feelings can’t be faked, but oh they can. Claire hated how Leonardo constantly goofed around on set and wasn’t taking things seriously. She got so annoyed that she would literally avoid him at all costs throughout the film shoot, only seeing him when they actually had a scene together.

9. James Franco and Anne Hathaway
It’s quite popular to hate Anne Hathaway in Hollywood. So many people claim that she’s just way too actress-y and that she just seems fake and as if she’s acting all the time, even when she’s not really in character. Who knows, but when James Franco and Anne Hathaway hosted the Oscars, James did get asked about that and instead of coming to his co-hosts rescue he just said that while there’s no hard feeling between the two he can see where all the Hatha-haters are coming from.



10. Nick Nolte And Julia Roberts
Nick and Julia played a couple in a 1994 movie I Love Trouble. But they hated each other pretty much from the first day on. Julia said he was misogynistic and chauvinistic, and Nick would say that she’s not a nice person either. Their feud lasted for almost 10 years, because even in 2003 Julia, in one of her interviews, said that Nick was a disgusting human being.

11. Bill Murray and Lucy Liu
While in other cases the reason for not getting along might be vague or just something like incompatibility of characters, in this particular case the reason was crystal clear. On one of the first days of filming Charlie’s Angels Bill Murray told Lucy she couldn’t act. Which must’ve felt horrible for Lucy. But hey, Bill Murray did get replaced in the sequel, so maybe she got her revenge?



12. Harrison Ford And Josh Hartnett
It’s not a secret to anyone in Hollywood that while Harrison Ford is a good actor, he can be pretty hard to work with. Josh Hartnett definitely got to experience that while working on Hollywood Homicide. The two actors literally wouldn’t even talk to each other unless they were shooting a scene. They didn’t like each other so much that they even argued during the press tour and there was some name calling.