12 Cult TV Shows And Their Remakes In Different Countries

You know that feeling when you finish your favorite TV show? You’re glad you know the whole story now but at the same time you’re sad that it ended. And it feels like no other show can fill that void. So you just end up rewatching the whole show all over again. But did you know that your show could’ve been remade in a different country and while it keeps the main idea it’s a bit different. You could watch those instead. Let’s take a look at how some of your favorite shows have been remade in different countries.



1. House M.D. vs Team Medical Dragon
Team Medical Dragon, the Japanese TV show, isn’t an exact copy of House, but there’s so many similarities it’s impossible not to see the resemblance. However, if House is known for his sarcastic sense of humor more than the actual medical procedures, Team Medical Dragon is known for incredibly realistic surgeries.



2. The Office UK vs The Office USA
Did you know that the legendary ‘The Office’ started as a little show in Britain? Well, while the show is basically the same, the Americans actually bought the rights from the Brits, and the American variant went on for way more seasons. However, if you’re a true fan you should check out the British version too.

3. Ugly Betty vs I Am Betty, The Ugly One
This show has been remade in so many countries it would be impossible to count how many adaptations there are in the world. But the premise is always the same – a smart, but frumpy looking girl becomes gorgeous by the end of the series. It’s simple, it’s sweet, that’s why people love it.



4. Breaking Bad vs Metástasis
Metastasis is a Colombian remake of Breaking Bad. Some things have been changed in order to fit to the Colombian realities and way of life, but otherwise the show is pretty much the same and is as exciting as Breaking Bad.

5. Wilfred (Australia) vs Wilfred (USA)
Wilfred is a cult classic among its American fans, but it actually started as a rather weird Australian show about a guy, a girl, and her strange dog. They swapped the guy for Elijah Wood and there you go – an American version was born.



6. Gossip Girl vs Little Secrets
Both shows are about secrets and drama in elite schools, but they aren’t exactly the same. Both the American and the Turkish shows have their own style and different plot lines. So if you’re done with Gossip Girl and are looking for something similar – Little Secrets should be right up you street.

7. Friends vs Love Is Not Closed
Love Is Not Closed is an Iranian show that looks suspiciously similar to FRIENDS. Even the sets are almost identical.



8. Big Bang Theory vs Theoretics
So this is what happens when you remake the show scene for scene, shot for shot and don’t add anything new to it. Theoretics is a Belarusian remake of the Big Bang Theory, and because it’s so similar, people didn’t really see the point of watching it. It felt like they’ve already seen it before. So the show was cancelled after the first season.

9. House Of Cards UK vs House Of Cards USA
A show about a devious and ambitious politician seems to be just what people want, no matter what year it is, people love it. Brits filmed it back in the 90s and it was a huge success, but the recent American version definitely won in terms of longevity, it’s lasted 5 seasons so far.



10. Whites vs The Kitchen
Whites is a British TV show about a chef and his team. It did ok, but lasted only 1 season. The Russian remake, surprisingly, became way more successful that the original and got in 5 seasons, 2 movies and even a spin-off show.

11. Sherlock vs Doctor Frost
We’re going to assume you’ve watched Sherlock, so there’s no need to explain how brilliant that show it. Doctor Frost is a Korean show about a psychology professor who doesn’t feel certain emotions but is great at reading them on other people. He’s also great at solving crimes and hey, he looks hot as hell too.



12. Sex and The City vs Simply Sapney
If you want to watch a more romantic version of Sex and the City, the Indian show Simply Sapney is a great solution. It’s just as fun, and it’s also about 4 great women. Yes, it’s a bit more tame, but that doesn’t ruin it at all, in fact, it makes it even more intriguing.