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12 Famous Celebs You Didn’t Know Had Royal Blood In Them


When you think about royals what comes to mind first? Is it Lorde’s song or the picture of the Queen of England? Perhaps some of you immediately think of Prince Harry or Prince William? That’s all fine and dandy, but there are far more royals in the world than the Queen of Britain and her immediate family. Lots of people have some royal blood in them, even if they are 15th cousin twice removed. So let’s take a look at some celebrities we bet you didn’t know had royal blood coursing through their veins.



1. Hilary Duff
Yes, Hilary Duff, the star of Lizzie McGuire and A Cinderella Story has some royal blood in her. In fact, according to ancestry and DNA results, she’s the most royal celeb in North America. She is said to be Queen Elizabeth II’s 18th cousin and, on top of that, she seems to be related to Catherine Car, who is King Henry VIII’s illegitimate daughter.



2. Johnny Depp
People are pretty divided these days when it comes to Johnny Depp. Those allegations of physical abuse are really doing a number on his reputation. But whether you’re on his side or Amber’s one thing is for sure. Good old Johnny has some royal blood in him. He’s the Queen’s 20th cousin and he also is related to the Deppes family who were French Huguenots.

3. Brooke Shields
Brooke is famous for her gorgeous looks and was considered one of the most beautiful people in the world when she was a model. Since then she tried her hand at acting in movies and TV shows and other things. She might be past her prime at the ripe age of 52, but she’s definitely aging gracefully, and it might just be because of her royal ancestry. She’s actually the second most royal celeb in America, after Hilary Duff. She’s the Queen’s 18th cousin twice removed and also has ties to King Henry IV of France.



4. Justin Bieber
There’s a lot of things we know about Justin Bieber. How he came to fame, how he started dating Selena Gomez, how that relationship ended and what madness and bad boy behavior followed. We know that he’s trying to fix things now and seems to be on his way back to becoming a decent person. But did you know he’s related to a lot of famous and royal people? Oh yeah, the Bieb is related to Camilla, Prince Charles’ second wife. He’s also somehow related to Celine Dion, who’s related to King Philippe II of France), and if that’s not enough, he’s also related to the Clinton’s. It’s almost like he was destined to be famous.

5. Beyonce
Honestly, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that Beyonce has royal blood running through her veins. That woman looks royal and there’s no doubt about it. Plus, she clearly conquered the world with her talent. We already call her queen B, but if you want to get into the details – here you go. Beyonce is the current Queen’s 23d cousin twice removed. Apparently King Henry II is one of her ancestors.




6. Barack Obama
Barack Obama was the first black president of America – that’s pretty exciting on its own, but some people believe that there’s something even more interesting hiding in his ancestry. We’re not sure if these rumors come from the fact that he got along so well with the Queen and Prince Charles when he visited the Buckingham Palace, but it’s been said that he’s the Queen’s 9th cousin twice removed. Apparently he is in some way related to King John of England.

7. Uma Thurman
Uma is probably best known for her roles in Quentin Tarantino’s movies, but turns out that’s not her only claim to fame. She actually has proven links to the royal family and the British House of Windsor. In fact, she’s Queen’s 25th cousin once removed. King Edward I of England is her actual ancestor.



8. Tom Hanks
Everyone knows Tom Hanks, and everyone loves Tom Hanks. He’s one of the best known and universally loved actors in Hollywood. Perhaps that’s why he has such a powerful presence. But as it turns out there might be another reason for his commanding presence. He’s related to Abraham Lincoln and King John Of England at the same time.

9. Angelina Jolie
Anyone who’s ever seen Angelina Jolie will tell you that woman looks like a queen. And it turns out they wouldn’t be that far off. Angelina does have some royal blood in her. She’s related to King Philippe II of France, which means she’s basically French royalty, and also Queen’s 26th cousin.



10. Hugh Grant
Hugh Grant always seemed very charming and very posh, but did you know he’s actually properly related to the royal family? His ancestry can actually be traced to King Henry VII of England, and also King James IV of Scotland. He’s the Queen’s 9th cousin once removed. Very royal indeed.

11. Robert Pattinson
Lots of girls really believe Robert Pattinson is the Prince Charming they’ve been waiting for all along. Who knew there was a semblance of truth in that? He might not be a prince, but he’s definitely royal blood in him, so he’s technically related to Prince William and Prince Harry, which is close enough, right?



12. Ralph Fiennes
Whether you know Ralph Fiennes as Voldemort from Harry Potter movies, or for his portrayal of Henry VI and Richard II on stage, you’ll agree that he’s incredibly talented in playing royals. He just has this talent for portraying that regal behavior in a very believable way. Well, funny thing is, it might not just be a coincidence. He’s actually related to King James II of Scotland.