12 Most Handsome 90’s Crushes

If you were lucky enough to be alive in the 90s you probably know how weird everyone looked back then. The fashion was weird, everyone looked either so awkward it was almost painful, or good, but it was so obvious they were trying extra hard. The hairstyles, accessories and fashion were just all over the place. However, that didn’t stop us, 90s kids, from having millions of crushes on all the celebs who were famous at the time.
Today we’re going to explore that strange, yet wonderful world of 90’s crushes and also see how they look now.



Julian McMahon – Charmed
Charmed came out closer to the end of the 90s, but we think it still counts. I mean, come on, 1998 is very much the epitome of 90s. If you watched Charmed you definitely had a crush on Julian McMahon, who played Cole on the show. We all loved him for his gorgeous face and pretty freaking phenomenal cheekbones. The fact that he was a bad boy, who turned good because he fell in love with Phoebe, made him that much more desirable for all of us.



David Boreanaz – Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Buffy was another great hit of the 90’s. This show had everything, goofy teens fighting the forces of evil, a badass female lead character and gorgeous vampires. A lot of Buffy fans loved Angel, played by David Boreanaz. Was it his broody nature, his spiky gelled up hair or his dark sad eyes that drew Buffy and legeons of girls to him? Probably. Being a hot vampire, yet with a soul, probably didn’t hurt either.

Luke Perry – Beverly Hills 90210
Beverly Hills is a 90s classic. You literally couldn’t get through the day without talking about Beverly Hills and who you liked more on the show. Girls were always talking about who they liked more and who was their favorite. Luke Perry played Dylan, who in my opinion was the hottest guy on the show. I mean look at those cheekbones. Or is it just me? Anyways, it’s a bit said to see that his looks didn’t last.

Jason Priestley – Beverly Hills 90210
Depending on what kind of girl you are, you might’ve fancied Brandon, played by Jason Priestly, more. After all, he was the more responsible one. If you’re all about good boys – Brandon was your crush. He’s pretty cute too, isn’t he? Look at his beautiful blue eyes – a girl could drown in those. And that perfect 90’s hair? I wonder how they made it stay up that way. I say I wonder, but we all know a lot of product went into that.



Kevin Sorbo – Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Who remembers Hercules? I feel like every kid was watching that show. Kevin Sorbo as Hercules was almost like a superhero to a lot of teen girls and boys. And a gorgeous heartthrob to their mums. We all know that if you have long hair and look fit as hell – you’re bound to have a sea of women of all ages crushing on you.

Matt Leblanc – Friends
How YOU doing? Just that phrase alone can get you going. Am I right, ladies? Joey, played by Matt Leblanc, was just perfect. He’s gorgeous, he’s funny and he knows how to get the ladies. What’s not to love? I still swoon a little when I rewatch friends. That man’s got enough charm to make all the ladies swoon.

Andrew Shue – Melrose Place
I like to think that generally people who lived through the 90s divide into 2 categories – either you’re a Beverly Hills girl or Melrose Place girl. That’s how it felt back in the day. You could only like one or the other. But now that years have passed it turns out most of us watched both shows, and when it comes to Melrose Place – Andrew Shue was a favorite for many girls.



Tom Welling – Smallville
Smallville was a weird show when you think about it. Like, why would someone who’s for all intents and purposes – Superman, live in a little town called Smallville? I just don’t get it. But you can’t really escape the appeal of dark hair, blue eyes and super powers of Clark Kent a.k.a. Superman, a.k.a. Tom Welling. And yes we know this show aired in 2000’s. Shush.

Adolph Martinez – Santa Barbara
I’ll be honest, this was before my time. I never really watched this show, because it ended by the time I was 3. But let me tell you, I feel like it still changed my life, cause my parents and grandparents couldn’t get enough of it. And all of my female relatives seems to have a crush on Adolph Martinez, who played Cruz Castillo on the show.

Yannick Bisson – High Tide
The premise of the show is so silly, but we couldn’t stop watching it back in the 90’s. At the time the fact that two hot surfer guys would constantly get into all sorts of whacky, dangerous adventures and become detectives just seemed very realistic and plausible. But when you look at Yannick Bisson you don’t really care if the story is believable, you just enjoy looking at the guy.



James Marsters – Buffy the Vampire Slayer
I don’t think this list would be complete without another vampire hottie, and personally I’ve always preferred Spike to Angel. I’ve been a fan of Spike, a.k.a. James Marsters, since he first appeared on Buffy in season two. You can only imagine my excitement when he became a permanent member of the cast later on. Bleached blonde hair, gorgeous blue eyes, cheekbones so sharp you could cut yourself on them, that leather coat and a sexy British accent – what else could a girl want?

George Clooney – ER
We all know George Clooney went far beyond just being Dr Doug Ross on ER, but that show was his first big break in Hollywood. And how can you not have a crush on George Clooney. That man just keeps getting better looking with age, he’s like a good wine.