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12 Wardrobe Staples Meghan Markle Will Have To Stop Wearing Soon


Marrying a Prince is a dream for many. It sure sounds like something that only happens in fairy tales, not in real life. Unless you’re Meghan Markle and you’re about to marry a real life Prince and basically become part of the British royal family. However, it turns out that marrying a prince isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. You have to follow a strict protocol when it comes to how you look, how you dress and how you behave in public. Meghan has already deleted all of her social media, most likely due to the fact that not all of her Instagram pics were deemed appropriate for someone about to marry into the royal family. And you probably noticed that nowadays when she appears in public her sense of style is changing too. Why? Well, cause there are certain things you can’t wear if you’re to marry the Prince of England. Let’s talk about some wardrobe staples Meghan Markle will have to stop wearing soon.



1. Short Dresses and Mini Skirts
It’s not a secret for anyone that British royalty is quite conservative when it comes to style. Think about it, have you ever seen the Queen in a mini dress? Exactly. You can expect the same of Meghan, once she marries Prince Harry.



2. Dark or Loud Nail Polish
Have you ever noticed that the Queen never has any bright or dark nail polish on? In fact, the Queen usually has perfectly manicure fingers with either no polish at all, or some clear nail polish. It’s rumored that the only nail polish color the Queen approves of is Essie’s “Ballet Slippers”, which is a pale pink. Basically, expect Meghan to wear a lot of nudes on her nails.

3. Bare Legs
Members of the royal family, as a rule, are not allowed to show up at any pubic event with bare legs. So from now on Meghan is supposed to wear knee skimming dresses and skirts with tights or stockings. Her bare legged days are practically over.



4. Massive Handbags
When choosing a handbag, a royal should always prefer an elegant clutch or a strict handbag with clean lines and long handles. Here’s an interesting fact – all of the Queen’s bags have had their handles elongated, so that she can wear them on her wrist and her hands will always be free for all the waving and handshaking she has to do.

5. Ripped Jeans
Meghan will also have to say goodbye to ripped jeans. The Queen of England was very unhappy about the outfit Meghan wore to Invictus Games in Toronto. Meghan showed up to this sporting event wearing a simple white shirt, ripped jeans and some high heels. No more of that for the future duchess.




6. Trousers
The Queen has only been seen in trousers a handful of times. And while Kate Middleton occasionally wears trousers, most of the time the royal women are meant to wear dresses and skirts. Them’s the rules and there’s nothing you can do about it. Perhaps Meghan can wear them in her own time, but expect to see her only in dresses and skirts whenever she attends any public event.

7. Black Outfits
Royals only wear black to funerals and when they’re in mourning. At all other times they wear other colors. If you really must – wear dark blue, but not black. In fact, when Princess Diana wore a little black dress after her divorce – everyone called it her revenge dress, because finally she was allowed to wear black.



8. Colorblock Dresses
Color blocking is a big no-no for conservative royals. If you want to wear a multicolored dress, all the colors should compliment each other and preferably be subdued shades and hues instead of loud bright colors.

9. Platform Shoes
We’re not sure if this one is strictly a dress code rule for the royalty, but Queen Elizabeth II absolutely hates platform shoes. So no member of the royal family can wear platform shoes without encountering a serious “talking to” from the Queen. Thankfully, Meghan doesn’t really like platforms either, so it shouldn’t be a problem.



10. High Heels
Heels are generally allowed, as long as they’re not higher than 15 cm or 5,5 inches. The Queen herself prefers small, practical heels, which makes sense. But all the other ladies are still not allowed to wear mega high heels.

11. Crop tops
Can you even imagine what the Queen would think or say if anyone in the royal family wore a crop top? It would be simply preposterous. It’s strictly against the rules to show your midriff when you’re a royal.



12. Shorts
As you can imagine shorts are also not allowed. Along with trousers, and miniskirts. It kind of makes sense once you learn the “no bare legs” rule. So while Meghan looks incredible in shorts, she won’t be allowed to show off those legs in them anymore.