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13 Spectacular Glitter Beards On Instagram


Ok, the #glitterbeard trend on social media might be slightly embarrassing, and not very practical, but it is still glorious. Tons of sexy lumberjack men with magical fairy dust perfectly coating their beards? Nothing shouts “I’m confident in my manhood” than a muscular man who is down to rub some pink sparkles into his facial hair.



13_spectacular_glitter_beards_on_instagram_01The fairy unicorn beard has descended on us. Who knew that a hot pink sparkle beard could be such a turn-on? This guy is definitely comfortable with his sexuality, and isn’t afraid to add a little flair to his beard.



13_spectacular_glitter_beards_on_instagram_02Rainbow glitter beard! This guy looks as excited as we are about it. Whether it’s a stance on gay pride, or he just couldn’t pick one hue of sparkly beard adornments, we definitely appreciate his stylish decision to go with every color.

13_spectacular_glitter_beards_on_instagram_03This dude‘s beard looks like it was dipped in a pile of glittery icicle snow, and we’re definitely feeling it. Looks like he’s rocking Swarovski crystals in his fuzzies; this gives a whole new meaning to “silver fox”.

13_spectacular_glitter_beards_on_instagram_04Definitely one of the more tailored, trimmed, and unique glitter beard jobs. The color is a frosty teal, and although he might not have as much beard as the other guys, but he more than makes up for it with how well he rocks the mossy green-blue tint.



13_spectacular_glitter_beards_on_instagram_05This guy prefers to have a patriotic theme to his sparkly fuzz – half his beard is red, while the other is blue, and the whole thing is adorned with glittering bits that look like the stars on the American flag. Also, he kind of looks like Braveheart. Sign us up ;)

13_spectacular_glitter_beards_on_instagram_06This man takes his beard sparkles to a new level, bringing it into the forest environment. Next to the stark, leafless trees, his light pink glitter beard is a lovely contrasting pastel shade. It manages to look perfect paired with his smoldering gaze that’s drawing us in.

13_spectacular_glitter_beards_on_instagram_07Double shining beard trouble? Yes, please. So many fantasies come to fruition just from this photo. Forget their dreamy eyes – their full and lusciously shaped beards are glittered perfectly, and icy blue eyes on the right is giving us some serious sexy Wolverine vibes.




13_spectacular_glitter_beards_on_instagram_08This beard is a little less coiffed and perfectly shaped than the last, but we kind of like the uneven edges. Glitter beard is all about letting the sparkle embrace you, not changing yourself for the sparkle! He leaves his mustache out of the dark blue sparkle beard, giving the glittery blue explosion further south even more oomph.


13_spectacular_glitter_beards_on_instagram_09Forget the pastels, this guy has gone full hot pink, and has no regrets. Although even he looks a little shocked at the boldness of his decision. The real question is, how did he get it so blindingly pink? No one’s losing this guy at night.

13_spectacular_glitter_beards_on_instagram_10This babe‘s gold beard is making us swoon. The rest of him isn’t bad either. The subtle tints of gold make it more luxurious and expensive-looking than some of the other playful color choices on here.



13_spectacular_glitter_beards_on_instagram_11Get your man to rock this hunk’s gorgeous red beard for Valentine’s Day. It definitely makes him look impassioned, and pairs well with his red blazer. Paired with a glass of red wine, this would definitely be the best V-Day gift ever!

13_spectacular_glitter_beards_on_instagram_12This guy might be a little lacking in the beard department, but we like the subtle look that stays a little closer to his dreamy bone structure. And he gets point for unique color choice – a forest green shade that’s perfect for the winter season!



13_spectacular_glitter_beards_on_instagram_13This seductive glitter beard is repping his Puerto Rican pride, and we’re all for it. It looks like he has little stars, or a mini milky way in his beard. We like that his whole beard isn’t swallowed by glitter, but that it acts like more of an accessory, dotting his delicious beard with microscopic shiny orbs.