14 Male Celebs You Didn’t Know Had Plastic Surgery

Whenever women in Hollywood get anything done it’s always a big deal. And it doesn’t matter if they just changed up their hair, got some botox or had major plastic surgery. It gets pretty much the same amount of attention and people point it out for years to come. But what about men? It’s not like male celebs don’t get plastic surgery. They get their fair share of facelifts, nose jobs, botox etc, but we don’t hear about it as much do we? So today we’re going to talk about male celebs you didn’t know had plastic surgery.



1. Christian Bale
Christian Bale is actually English, did you know that? Both of his parents are from England and as you know, Brits aren’t exactly known for perfect teeth. So one of the things Christian did to change his appearance was to get teeth implants. Those pearly whites are not his real teeth, but we can’t blame him for wanting a Hollywood smile.



2. George Clooney
George has been called a sexy silver fox for years and many agree that while he was a very handsome young men he aged like fine wine and remains incredibly good looking in his 50s. He did have some help from plastic surgeons though. George had an eyelid lift in 2007, it removed the droopy skin, made his gaze brighter and made his gorgeous brown eyes stand out even more.



3. Howard Stern
Howard Stern has had a couple of things done, some of which are obvious and some of which are debatable. For example you can’t argue with the fact that he’s had a nose job to remove the bump on his nose, and he’s admitted to having liposuction to get rid of excess fat under his chin and make his jawline more prominent. However if you look at his pictures through the years you start to think that he got a facelift too, but he’s never confirmed or denied it.


4. Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay says he first considered getting work done on his face when his kids started to put coins into his wrinkles while he was sleeping. Since then he’s had a laser treatment for his skin, some botox and probably a facelift or two. You can definitely see he looks better now than he ever did before.



5. Ray Liotta
Ray Liotta never mentions the fact that he’s has work done on his face, but it’s crystal freaking clear. His face has been changing over the years, but not in the natural way it does with aging. His skin is super tight, and his face is not nearly as expressive as it used to be. So what did he do? Botox for sure, but we bet he’s had a facelift or two in his life as well.


6. Ryan Gosling
Ryan might be perfect in your eyes no matter what, but turns out he did have rhinoplasty early in his career to straighten the bridge of his nose. Does it make you love him less? Probably not. It was just a little procedure to emphasize how gorgeous he is.



7. Michael Douglas
If there’s a man who’s doing cosmetic surgery right – it’s Michael Douglas. You can tell that he’s gotten work done, because his wrinkles are almost nonexistent and seem to lessen with age. He’s probably had botox injections as well, but seeing how his face is still pretty expressive it’s much more likely he’s found a very good plastic surgeon.



8. Ashton Kutcher
Ashton Kutcher is another Hollywood hottie who had a nose job. It’s not like he wasn’t handsome before, he was always popular with the ladies, but narrowing his nose definitely put him on a whole other level of gorgeousness.


9. Gene Simmons
Gene Simmons is one of the few male celebs who doesn’t keep his plastic surgery secret. He’s had a face lift and eyelid surgery to remove excess skin and he’s very open about it, we’d even go as far as to say he’s proud of it, he’s bragged about it in interviews. And it makes sense when you think about it. It’s something he’s done to make himself feel better, so why would you keep it secret?



10. Tom Cruise
It’s no secret that Tom Cruise has had a nose job a long time ago. But more recently he’s been looking very different all over his face. It’s hard to say if it’s plastic surgery or a lot of botox, but he’s definitely doing something. Perhaps being on the other side of 50 is finally getting to him.


11. Burt Reynolds
Burt used to be a sex symbol in the 70’s but he’s gone through some serious changes since then. First of all it’s been almost 50 years since then and a couple of face lifts at least. His face looks very different these days, he is almost unrecognizable, so you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realise he’s had plastic surgery and tons of botox.



12. Patrick Dempsey
Did you know that Doctor McDreamy has a little help from plastic surgeons early in his career? That’s right, he had rhinoplasty to narrow his nose and make it smaller? We don’t really know why, he looked good either way.


13. Sylvester Stallone
Can you believe Sylvester Stallone is 72 now? It’s crazy. And for someone of that age he is in impeccable shape. His workouts must be insane. But no matter how much he works out it won’t make your face look that good in your 70s. He’s admitted to having some plastic surgery on the side of his face with nerve damage, but by the looks of it he’s had a few facelifts too, and very good ones.



14. Dwayne Johnson
The Rock has an amazing body and he achieved that mostly through diet and exercise, however he used to have one problem area that he couldn’t fix naturally. He has a condition that results in larger chest in males, or in layman’s terms – man boobs. No matter what he did that part of fat tissue wouldn’t move, so he had a surgery to remove excess fat and he has talked openly about it.