14 Reasons Why We Can’t Wait For The “Gilmore Girls” Revival

Gilmore Girls fans have been waiting for a new season of the show ever since the last one ended, which was back in 2007. That show was so good we just never wanted it to end; we needed more. It’s been 9 freaking years since the last episode aired and throughout those 9 very long years, we’ve heard numerous rumors about there possibly being a movie or a show revival, or a new season. Finally the day has come and we all howled with joy when it was officially announced that Gilmore Girls are coming back for another season on Netflix this fall. Let me just say this loud and proud – THE BEST SHOW EVER IS BACK and I cannot contain my excitement!
So if you’re one of those unfortunate souls that haven’t watched Gilmore Girls yet – go ahead and binge watch all of it on Netflix so you’re all caught up before the new season comes out. And if you’re a lifelong fan, then here are a couple of reasons why we can’t wait for the Gilmore Girls revival that you’ll yourself nodding along to.



1. The theme song alone is enough to make you emotional and ready to witness some amazing witty Gilmore Girls banter.



2. Because our love for Gilmore Girls is like Lorelei’s love for coffee. We always want more.

3. ‘Cause even though Rory is smarter than all of us, she’s still so relatable.

4. Suki is simply the best and she hated Trump before it was cool.



5. And her relationship with Jackson is just solid gold.

6. Because Lorelei has the best dating advice.

7. Because we miss Friday night dinners.



8. Even though they’ll never be the same without Richard Gilmore.

9. And we all secretly love Emily Gilmore. After all, it’s obvious who Lorelei got her sass from.

10. Because Michel is the embodiment of sass and we wish we could be more like him.



11. We miss our Stars Hallow’s favourite weirdo – Kirk.

12. Because we all wish we had a friend as driven as Lane.

13. We still don’t know what happens with Luke and Lorelei.



14. And we’re dying to know if Rory has a boyfriend. Speaking of boyfriends. Who else is team Jess?

Coincidentally these are also the reasons Gilmore Girls is the best show ever!