15 Christmas Baking Fails That Look Absolutely Hilarious

Food is something we enjoy every day throughout the year, but on Christmas Eve we try to bake, cook and fry the tastiest meals ever. Ideally, they should look and taste incredibly yummy, but that is not always the case. Some people try too hard and end up with truly hilarious baking disasters on their hands. And while we feel sorry for people who had to present these baking masterpieces to their loved ones, it’s hard to ignore the fact that they look too funny for words. Here are 15 baking fails that will make you laugh out loud.



The ‘sad melted snowman’ ended up looking actually sad. He also seems to be missing half of his head – anyone would be depressed looking like this.



Somehow the loveable image of rosy-cheeked Santa Clause turned into the stuff of nightmares. It’s better not to show him to kids!

Christmas cupcakes have never looked so depressing. What went wrong?

If you’re making edible body parts like heads, for example, it’s better not to make them look like victims of a brutal murder. Although, they would fit perfectly for a Halloween party!



Not all trees are created equal. This poor baked fella looks like anything but a Christmas tree.

Strawberry will never be the same after this.



It’s good that this cookie dough is ‘limited edition’ – less people will have to suffer!



How to take a skinny-looking snowman candy and make it look like a horrifying mushroom? Well, this is how.

It’s almost impossible to tell what went wrong here. Probably – everything!



There’s a reason why these poor stacked snowmen are not smiling. They are hilariously depressing.

Well, if the cook was going for ‘scary deformed ghost thingies’ then he did real well. But no one in their right mind can call these creatures – snowmen.



The leaves probably haven’t survived this crazy cooking experiment. They wouldn’t help anyway.



It’s hard to even think about putting these creepy-looking candies in your mouth. Yikes!

Well, at least now we know why the gingerbread cookies on the left are so angry. The result on the right looks amazingly awful!



This is definitely not something you imagine when saying ‘cute bear cookies’. The poor guy in the bottom looks like he might need some help from medics. Ouch!