15 Most Beautiful Celebrities Of The New Generation

Have you ever thought about how all your favorite celebrities are more or less the same age, and apart from a few exceptions, all come from the same generation? And then suddenly you realize that they’re all getting old and you have no idea who all these new people are, and what celebs you’re going to follow and life after your favorites retire? Well we’re here to show you a couple of women you up until now you might’ve considered kid celebs, but what you should know is that they’ve grown up, and become gorgeous actresses and celebs who we’re pretty sure are going to replace the old generation. Not all of them are strictly Hollywood actresses, but the times are changing and our definition of what it takes to be a celebrity is changing rapidly. Let’s just say all of these beautiful young women have a pretty big following.



1. Maisie Williams
You might think of her as that kid from Game of Thrones, but she’s 19 now, and while she is famous for her role in GOT she has also branched out and appeared in other shows like Doctor Who. You can also see her in movies like The Falling and Cyberbully. She’s pretty incredible and we foresee a great future for her in Hollywood.



2. Amandla Stenberg
You probably recognize her from the first Hunger Games movie where she played the role of Rue. She has also appeared on shows like Mr Robinson, Sleepy Hollow and A Taste of Romance. She’s also in movies like Lemonade, Rio2 and As You Are. She has multiple projects coming up, so get ready to see more of this beautiful girl.



3. Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner seems to spend most of her life in front of the camera. She’s either filming the reality TV show “Keeping Up With Kardashians” or she’s taking selfies for her Instagram. She’s interested in modeling and she also has her own makeup range. But did you know this curvaceous girl is only 19? Yeah, she’s definitely going to be a huge deal.

4. Ariel Winter
Ariel was just a kid when she was cast to play Alex Dunphy on Modern Family. At that point no one really knew how popular the show would become and how Alex would mature from a geeky teen into a curvy young lady. But aren’t you all happy things turned out the way they did?



5. Malia Obama
Obama’s oldest girl is no longer a kid. She’s 18 now, which means she’s pretty much an adult. It couldn’t have been easy growing up as the daughter of the President. It probably felt like her life was scrutinized over the whole time, but Malia managed to deal with that in the most gracious and classy ways possible for someone her age. She’s bound to reach great heights, after all she is the daughter of Barack and Michelle Obama.

6. Bella Thorne
Most people know her best from the Disney series Shake It Up, but Bella has also appeared in quite an impressive number of movies, Blended, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, The Duff, and Big Sky to name a few. You’ve got to admit that’s impressive for someone who’s only 19.



7. Harley Quinn Smith
This incredible looking blonde lady is the daughter of the director Kevin Smith. Her movie debut was a role in her father’s movie Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back where she played baby Silent Bob. She’s appeared in movies like Jersey Girl, Clerks II, Tusk played one of the two leads in Yoga Hosers.



8. Camren Bicondova
Camren plays the young version of Catwoman on the new show Gotham and we think she was the perfect girl for the role. Playing the character of Catwoman, she definitely got herself an army of followers. But who wouldn’t want to see her run around in a spandex suit, right?

9. Lauren Taylor
Lauren might be only 18 but she’s already played one of the leads on Best Friends Whenever, got the role of Harper Rich on the animated show Richie Rich on Netflix, and released two songs. This blondie is going places, it’s just a matter of time.



10. Madison Patties
You probably recognize her as the girl who played the role of Sophie Martinez in the series Cory in the House. She also is one of the starts of the The Game Plan and she had a part in the Canadian comedy show Life with Boys. She’s 18, she’s absolutely stunning and we’re sure she’s going to make it big in Hollywood soon.

11. Daya
This young lady is a singer. Her real name is Grace Martine Tandon, but she chose to go with Daya as a stage name. A brave move, considering the fact that it’s only the huge stars like Madonna and Cher that go without a last name. But clearly she believed in herself, and she was right. She’s only 18, but she’s already had a song in the top 25 of the charts and she’s been nominated for a bunch of awards, and even won a Grammy!



12. Paris Jackson
Paris is the only daughter of the king of pop, Michael Jackson. And while we’re sure it’s something that will only help her out in life, it’s also something that puts a lot of pressure on the young girl. But Paris seems to be soldiering on and trying her hand in modeling and acting, and all we can say it “more power to you!” We wish her the best of luck in whatever career she choses to pursue.



13. Madison Beer
Madison’s claim to fame was a bit bizarre to say the least. So remember that time Justin Bieber tweeted out a link to a video of her singing? Yeah, she took full advantage of it and ended up landing a deal with Island Records. How amazing is that? She’s released 4 singles since, and has collaborated with quite a few famous musicians. She’s literally on the cusp of writing a hit that will surely launch her into full blown stardom.

14. Elle Fanning
We wonder whether her parents had any idea that both of their girls would end up being famous. The fact that Dakota was going to be a huge star was obvious after the success of I am Sam, but Elle seemed to be the go-to guest star for a couple of years at first. She appeared on House M.D., Criminal Minds, CSI and other shows first. But now she’s definitely become a star in her own right and her movie list includes movies like The Nines, Reservation Road, Super 8, Maleficent, Trumbo, and, The Neon Demon.



15. Rachel Mari Fenton
Rachel’s way of becoming famous is definitely one of the stranger ones. She appeared on the Fine Brother’s channel a couple of times and she was also one of the kids on the “Teens React” channel. So basically she become famous because of Youtube. She has attracted quite a lot of followers on her social media, so knowing how that works these days we think she might get some interesting offers in the showbiz in the future.