17 Iconic Wedding Dresses From TV Shows and Movies

There are millions of wedding dresses out there to pick from. There are classic ones, fancy designer ones, unique and unusual ones, floor length or mini, mermaid tail or princess style, long sleeve or sleeveless and all of them are great but very difficult to pick from. Perhaps that’s why we get so attached to the wedding dresses of our favorite characters from TV shows. Let’s take a look at some of the most iconic wedding dresses from our favorite TV shows and movies.



1. Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and The City
Every fan of this show will tell you that episode was very emotional for many reasons, but let’s concentrate on the dress. Isn’t this just the epitome of wedding chic? Carrie Bradshaw always knew how to dress to impress.



2. Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl
Say what you want about the character of Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl but she had impeccable taste and style and this not so traditional blue wedding dress is a great example of it.



3. Izzie Stevens, Grey’s Anatomy
Izzie’s wedding gown is such a classic princess dress. We love it for how perfect and fairy tale like it is. The beading, the neckline, the little sparkly strap – this wouldn’t look out of place on a Disney Princess, am I right?


4. Bella Swan, Breaking Dawn
There are actually two wedding dresses featured in Breaking Dawn – one in a dream sequence and the real one. We like the actual wedding dress way more. It’s just so delicate and simple, yet incredibly elegant. And that lacy back is just incredible!



5. Serena van Der Woodsen, Gossip Girl
Serena van Der Woodsen definitely chose a statement dress for her wedding. It’s both elegant and shocking at the same time. Few people would be able to pull off a golden wedding dress, but Blake Lively did it with ease.



6. Anastasia Steele, Fifty Shades of Grey
Fifty Shades of Grey is a controversial franchise from the topic of the book to the strange relationship dynamics, but if there’s one thing they got right – it’s Anastasia’s wedding gown. This elegant, off shoulder dress that clings to her in all the right places is just #goals.


7. Monica Geller, Friends
Friends is such a cult favorite. We’re pretty sure millions of people can quote that show to this day, even though it’s been ages since it ended. And while some of the jokes have aged badly, and the times have changed, Monica’s dress is so simple and elegant that even in 2018 it looks stylish and makes us wanna weep tears of joy for her and Chandler.



8. Queen Mary Stuart, Reign
If there was ever a dress fit for a queen – this is it. Is it the most historically accurate dress? No. But who cares? Look how freaking gorgeous it looks. Whoever made that dress for this show is incredible and more than welcome to make a beautiful and historically inaccurate dress for me too.



9. Lady Rose MacClare, Downton Abbey
Lady Rose wore a stunning silk and tulle gown with gorgeous golden embroidery and beading and the most unusual thing is that it wasn’t made specifically for the show. It’s a vintage dress that the costume designer found and it’s like 100 years old. How crazy is that?


10. Sansa Stark, Game of Thrones
That wedding scarred us for life, but we’re not here to discuss the plot of Game of Thrones. The dress Sansa wore is unique in so many ways. Not only is it unusual looking, but it’s also a winter dress and it has a fur shawl on top. It’s the most original wedding dress we’ve ever seen.



11. Mary Morstan, Sherlock
There wasn’t a ton of talk about Mary’s dress in Sherlock, after all, the show is all about Sherlock and he would hardly care about a wedding dress. However we’d like to mention that Mary Morstan wore a very pretty cream colored dress made of silk and lace and looked absolutely stunning in it.



12. Leslie Knope, Parks and Recreations
Parks and Rec definitely made us cry happy tears in this episode. Leslie’s dress was just so adorable and suited her so much. Is it just me or did all of you also cry so much you could barely see it on the screen, so you just googled it afterwards when you calmed down a bit?


13. Buffy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
So Buffy never actually married Ange or anyone else on the show. But there was a kind of dream sequence in one of the episodes that showed Buffy marrying Angel. The dress is gorgeous and very princess like, but it really doesn’t seem like something Buffy would wear. I guess that can be explained by the fact that it was actually Angel’s dream that we saw this in.



14. Rachel Zane, Suits
Oh how different this dress looks to the one Meghan Markle wore on her actual wedding. But then again, the budget of Suits was probably nothing like the budget for the royal wedding. But still we think the dress in Suits was very elegant and not over the top, very much like something Rachael would wear.



15. Kate, This Is Us
Kate from This Is Us wore a beautiful wedding gown designed by the show’s costume designer especially for her. It has French embroidered lace with vines and floral motifs to fit in with the outdoor ceremony and we think it’s the most beautiful thing we’ve ever seen.


16. Kate Beckett, Castle
Kate Beckett’s dress on Castle was so freaking cool. Just look at that gorgeous bodice, or is that a corset? Whatever it is – it’s incredible. It’s a very unique dress and that’s what we love about it. It’s elegant, it’s chic, and it’s badass.



17. Marnie Michaels, Girls
Who knew Marnie would choose a dress like this for her wedding? We expected something way more classical and fancy, with lots of beading and sparkle to it. Yes somehow this Boho-chic dress with flared lacy sleeves looks better than anything we could’ve expected.