18-Year-Old Artist Takes The World By Storm, Selling Her Works For $10k And More – Her Beauty

18-Year-Old Artist Takes The World By Storm, Selling Her Works For $10k And More


Think young artists can’t be successful? Think twice! 18-year-old Dimitra Milan was born into a family of talented painters and naturally followed in her parents’ footsteps. What makes Dimitra so special is the fact that she sells her artwork directly to buyers and collectors, while still working with a few galleries that help promote her works. Apart from developing an incredibly engaging and emotional painting style, Dimitra is building her own brand, proving to everyone that you don’t have to be a ‘starving artist’ if you choose painting as your livelihood.



Dimitra believes every artist needs to build his or her own brand and contact buyers and collectors directly. This way you can build a steady relationship with people who actually appreciate your art.



Dimitra’s parents showed her the world of art when she was just a little girl, sharing their experience as accomplished artists. John and Elli Milan also founded the Milan Art Institute where their daughter was classically trained in fine arts.

Dimitra believes all artists should be independent, that’s why she decided to build her own brand and contact everyone in person. She also understands the importance of social media presence and how one can connect with collectors on a deeper level using Facebook and Instagram.



A personal connection between a collector and an artist is crucial to building a successful relationship. They can even become friends!

When you take control over the ownership of your brand you can express yourself in ways you never could before. Now Dimitra has over 85k followers on Instagram and just as many on Facebook, and those numbers just keep growing!




While Dimitra is not the first artist who realized the importance of branding, she’s definitely among the first ones who took full advantage of mass media devices for marketing purposes. Modern social media landscape has lots of features and rules one needs to follow, but it all pays off in the end!

With video conferencing, a variety of messaging apps, and more freedom to travel all over the world, Dimitra uses every opportunity to connect with her fans and get inspired by new places. She’s spent a month in Greece where she created a number or refreshingly emotional works that prove Dimitra is a master of visual storytelling.



Right now the artist has her own website to represent herself as an artist and an e-commerce platform where fans can buy prints directly from her. It’s definitely the new age of relationships between artists and their fans!

Being just 18 years old, Dimitra is already an accomplished painter with her own distinct visual style. In the future she’s planning on starting her own channel with online streaming, where collectors, future buyers, and fans would be able to whiteness the process of her work.



Dimitra also wants to help other artists realize their full potential, that’s why she’s publishing a book with all kinds of inspirational things that get her creative juices flowing.

Although she’s already a successful artist, Dimitra wants to teach at the Milan Art Institute, training other artists who want to become successful in this creative line of work.



Dimitra is one of those rare artists who aren’t afraid to build their own business while staying true to who they really are. And she isn’t planning on stopping anytime soon!