20 Celebrity Engagement Rings That Will Make You Jealous

Engagement rings are special. They hold a promise of marriage, which to some people is even more attractive than the marriage itself. So it’s not unusual for people to spend hefty sums on engagement rings. Celebrities, however, take the engagement ring to a whole other level. The amount of money they spend on it is often measured in hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions. And their engagement rings look so impressive you can see them from a mile away. So let’s take a look at some of these celebrity engagement rings.



1. Angelina Jolie’s engagement ring cost Brad Pitt $250,000. It’s quite minimalistic looking, but with a big diamond in the middle and seems to suit Angelina a lot.



2. Iggy Azalea and her huge $500,000 engagement ring.



3. Jennifer Aniston has a pretty sizable engagement ring too, and look how happy she is about it.



4. Mila Kunis got this cute looking engagement ring from Ashton Kutcher.



5. Lady Gaga’s received this incredible heart-shaped engagement ring on Valentine’s Day. Isn’t that just a dream come true?

6. Kim Kardashian got this awesome engagement ring from Kanye West.



7. Beyonce and her sizable rock.



8. Zoe Saldana rarely wears her engagement ring anymore since she got her marriage band, but this one looks too good not to show off.



9. Kaley Cuoco’s sparkly engagement ring.



10. Amal Alamuddin got this pretty stone from George Clooney. Wonder how she managed to trap the famous bachelor.

11. Olivia Wilde’s partner proposed with this original engagement ring. It’s a diamond surrounded by emeralds.



12. Sofia Vergara got this huge diamond engagement ring from her partner Joe Manganiello.



13. Kelly Clarkson was surprised by this gorgeous engagement ring.



14. Kelly Osbourne got this cute little engagement ring from Matthew Mosshart. Too bad they split up, they were such an adorable couple.



15. Joanna Newsom got this pretty ring when she got engaged to Andy Samberg.

16. Emily Blunt’s partner might be a comedian, but that ring looks quite serious.



17. Zooey Deschanel’s ring looks absolutely perfect and elegant, just like Zooey.



18. Remember the time Miley Cyrus looked relatively normal? Then you might also remember her engagement ring.



19. Reese Witherspoon’s engagement ring looks classy and crisp.



20. Kate Middleton’s engagement ring is simply priceless, after all, it used to belong to princess Diana.