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3 Movies You Shouldn’t Watch With Your Significant Other


These movies throw words like ‘faith’, ‘eternal love’ and ‘forever together’ into the toilet bowl and force you to watch them being flushed away. They provide an insight into the dark side of relationships. Forget about cherubs. The gods of love are getting killed with their own arrows by monsters of routine and disillusionment in real life.




Do you want to keep on looking at the relationships with your significant other through rose-colored glasses? By all means, stay away from these movies then. Are they critically lauded and popularly acclaimed? Yes. Are they masterpieces? Definitely. But you can watch them only in case of a disastrous breakup to soothe the pain of a broken heart by realizing that human relationships are less trouble-free than you might have thought, and millions of the lovelorn had already suffered from unhappiness in love before as well as millions will suffer in the future.

The three brilliant examples of ruthless displays of hopelessness in relationships will destroy your faith in the idea of true romance. Are you ready to put your happily-ever-after views to a test? If the answer is yes, throw away the popcorn and set a box of tissues by your side.

Blue Valentine
A movie starring Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling as Cindy and Dean? Sounds like a perfect fairy-tale melodrama. In fact, their on-screen relationship starts out being seriously romantic. However, the movie is not about the delightful beginning. It is about a miserable ending of a once happy, loving couple. Now fast forward two hours after painful depiction of a marriage deteriorating. It is performed so honestly, so authentically that you’ll have shivers down your spine.

Cindy and Dean’s agonizing relationship is awfully real. Falling in and out of love is something each of us experience in our lives. This is why the movie is one of the most thought-provoking displays of doomed human relationships ever to be made into a feature film.

50 Days of Summer
Everyone finds it as painful as falling off Mount Everest to realize and accept that the one you’re infatuated with, the one you want to see by your side for the rest of your life, is, in fact, not a good match for you. We fall for someone, idealize them, and they leave us brokenhearted because we turned the blind eye t toheir flaws.

’50 Days of Summer’ is about self-deception and misinterpretating signals, which lead to an agonizing heartbreak. It is also about steady recovery and acceptance of imperfections as well as the complicated nature of human feelings. Sometimes, life gives us unpleasant lessons. Someone can love you today and say goodbye forever tomorrow. To evolve, we need to swallow the bitter pill just like Tom and Summer, played flawlessly by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel. Their performances show the cycle of love and how devistating the breakup of that perfect relationship can be.

Gone Girl
The 2014 oeuvre by David Fincher can be called anti-marriage satire, but, on the other hand, it reveals what really binds two different persons together for decades. It is a story about a man being suspected of murdering his wife (Ben Affleck), and it is a story of a woman who’s looking for revenge (Rosamund Pike). The movie patterns are so intertwined that different critics found it mysoginist, feminist, both mysoginist and feminist, and neither mysoginist and feminist. Sounds like a conflicted flick! But if you are going to explore movies about boy-girl break ups the story hold up beautifully, harkening back regularly to its satirical tone.

No one ever completely knows or understands the person they marry. Moreover, life turns them into something quite different with time – people can just grow apart due to careers, new relationships and life’s normal happenstances. The movie convincingly destroys the myth of idyllic marriage and ruins the romantic fleur we are made to think the institution of marriage is wrapped with; but its creepiness and mercilessness reveals the true nature of man and woman, as well as the societal structure which expects them to stay happy till the death do they part. Well I say break out the poision (Romeo and Juliet style)! Let this relationship finally be put to death. There is just too much going against this couple and they need to call it a day or a life and let the marriage die as quickly as possible.