6 Instagram Trends That Took Instagram By Storm This Year

Let’s not beat around the bush and just admit that most of us are obsessed with Instagram. It’s everyone’s favorite social media and we spend hours every day scrolling through it in search of makeup tips, inspiration for our outfits, short and to the point fitness routines, quick recipes and cool new Instagrammable places to check out. Instagram has it all and that’s why pretty much every successful business, public figure or aspiring blogger/influencer is trying their best to establish a presence on this social platform. We firmly believe that just believing in yourself and sharing what you have to offer is enough to find your audience on Instagram, but we also have to admit that Instagram is evolving as a platform and there are some tricks you can use and trends to follow to achieve success here. Let’s talk about trends that took Instagram by storm in 2018 and are still going strong.



1. Bright and saturated colors are very much in trend this year. Think about the accounts you follow and how they’ve all become quite vibrant instead of monochrome like back in the day. Autumn is a good time to use such colors like saturated orange, dark red, brown in combination with yellow, violet and turquoise. Trust me, they never fail and always grab people’s attention.


2. Color blocking is still huge on Instagram. Infinite instafeed carefully curated in the same style now give way to the color game. Photographers now publish photos in series, which ultimately form an interesting effect, or use effects and filters for soft colors and transitions.


3. Use of gradients is key these days. Gradients are becoming widely used in design, people often use them as backgrounds for text to attract more attention. But you gotta be careful when choosing the gradient shades, so that it has the right effect.


4. Bold fonts. Most designers prefer clear cut fonts, since they are well suited for both headlines and the main body of text. You can use a contrasting background to make the font and the text go the extra mile. Better yet, merge text and image, or use the image as a fill for text.


5. Combine photo and illustration. Just a beautiful photo isn’t enough sometimes, combining photos with illustrations and drawings allows your feed to look more unique and interesting and fresh. Many applications now allow you to layer illustrations on top of your photos.


6. Go full vintage. Vintage designs always look very inspiring. You can always add some vintage looking flowers to your photo or use some vintage filters that will make everything slightly desaturated and grainy, earthy tones work well for this too.